Day 5 of our Holiday Sale is Huge!!!!

You may already know about my proprietary self-created Telomerase Activator Telokynase.

This is my own baby from my own lab from start to finish. There is no where else you can get this. WE have tested this on the most important cell line in the body- stem cells and have shown persistent “youth markers” and have been able to passage these cells many more times than before because they stay younger longer. This data is on the site if you want to take a look.

Meantime this unique one of a kind one in the whole wide world product is on sale for $400 a bottle single bottle as well with even deeper discounts if you pickup a 3 or 6 month supply.

All with free shipping in the US!

I would not be without this product in my longevity routine but especially now for its putative immune boosting effects during what has turned out to be the longest running viral season in history.

Staying younger is one thing… staying alive longer is another.

Both are critical! After all we are in this together!

ON Sale for a limited time only!!!!


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