Telomere’s make the 12 Day of Xmas Sale!

We’re all snowed in here, but that’s not going to stop us from delivering on the sale! Let’s keep this party going!

Our famous and fabulous Immortality Edge Packs have been so consistently popular we’ve had order and re-order then multiple times! No mean feat in the Covid Pandemic!!!!

This is every man and woman’s affordable telomere defense. Many people use it in support and addition to Telokynase but if that is out of your budget this is a good substitute and supports that all important telomere health.

ON sale 2 different ways today: By 2 at the regular price and get a 3rd absolutely free with free shipping!

Or if you prefer pickup a discounted single canister!

Either way you save BIG and SAVE now so don’t delay!!!!!


P.S. There’s also a third way, if you prefer to buy a case at a time those are also on sale!

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