Immunity, Scientism, Divisiveness, Truth and the Media

A few quick updates. Even the champions of a mandatory vaccine for Covid admit that it will not stop the virus, be 100% effective and will require multiple doses.

Massechussets is now requiring a mandatory Covid Vaccination for all school age children. Several nationwide Universities follow suit. All of this LONG BEFORE a Vaccine is even available!!!

Also, in the news, the CDC very quietly backs away from testing asymptomatic people.

And finally, in a grand act of “Take Away selling”. The moral, ethical and political debate has begun over “Who gets priority for the vaccine!” Oh, ME FIRST and then my Family. I want it I want it I want it!!!!

Icicles to Eskimos!

The argument is that TB testing, mandatory vaccines for measles mumps rubella and others have been in place for school aged kids for decades. These illnesses strike mostly children and in their severest form cause untold devastation and even death. Covid does not damage this population even when they are tested extensively. It does the damage at the other end of the spectrum where the immune system is suppressed and unable to cope until its only option is a cytokine storm and septic shock. Those young people who have issue I would guarantee you have immune issues. By the way TB still kills 6 million people world wide every year!

I would tell you that research into this specific area is almost nil and is the answer not only to Covid but other viruses and many other diseases of aging! But of course, a vaccine that has at best 50% efficacy in this population (probably much less) is a stop gap measure that can be taken now. Surely it will save lives – something we say about influenza vaccines when we are allowed to make comparisons! However it should be noted that the week prior to April 15 when the CDC announced no more influenza surveillance so we could “concentrate on Covid”, Influenza pneumonia reached epidemic death rates of 8.6% and more children died in one week from influenza than were killed by Covid in the entire 3 months of the pandemic at that point. Just sayin’!

Today’s post is most likely to garner me more hate mail.

Here is a recent example: “Dr Dave I used to respect you as a man of science. When did you become such a Fxxxhead!” signed an MD colleague. My answer was, “ Same as you… the day I graduated med school!”

Here is the part that no one wants to hear: A shxt ton of what I was taught in medical school and beyond was out and out wrong!!! A ton of the people who lambasted me as being a fool now claim to have said the same things I have said since the beginning. And finally, the biggest lie of all: Science is 100% unbiased and true – especially the science that is reported in main stream medical journals and media outlets. You will often see the word “respected” in the same sentence as the proclamation. If you want a little hint at the scientific or scientism agenda look at how many scientific articles end with a prayer to Big Pharma- “It is our hope that this research will lead to a new drug for disease XYZ!” Then we can retire to an island!

It should read, “ It is our hope that this research will lead to the alleviation of human suffering and the improvement of human lives!”

Scientism is now being used to make policy. Two things that should scare the shxt out of you are censorship and mandatory health policies. I have seen more of the first revolving around Covid than I have ever seen in my life- EVER. Of course I am just a Fxxkhead!

The latter will not stop with Covid, it will be used against all “anti vaccers” to propagate all vaccines.

Am I against vaccines? No! I have personally had MMR tetanus, DPT. All the P part failed when I got a vicious case of adult Pertussis at age 50. It did not stop me from running a Canadian Death Race 3 months later but it was close. In that instance I should mention that overtraining with the obvious result of depressed immunity was at hand. But it would seem that vaccine or recurrent disease (think shingles in people who’ve had chicken pox), the culprit is always immunosenescense/supression.

The current Covid crisis fits neatly into the larger picture of divisiveness, fear and the paralysis of doubt. I realize it’s a stretch but I think back to the economic recession and “market correction” of 2009 when the mortgage crisis was topped off by Bernie Madoff. The resulting fear led to doubt which led to a series of regulations none of which punished the banking system (they really are too big to fail and if they are allowed the whole economy will be set back by years!). The correction was funded by our tax dollars and 401Ks.

But don’t worry- that could never happen again. After all there are laws to protect us!

If you find yourself saying “The world is going to Hell in a Handbasket!” please remember you have said this before when you are told what is supposed to absorb your bandwidth.

I have a suggestion: focus on strengthening your immune system!

A novel virus requires immune naive (CD 4 8 and 28+) T Cells. As we age our immune system has fewer of these as well as more immunosenescent cells. All of this is dependent on the presence or absence of telomerase!

I do not plan on getting a Covid Vaccine for 2 reasons:

1) My immune system is strong enough to handle it and because of my own discoveries, the continued use of stem cell therapies and a healthy lifestyle. I do not expect to be challenged by it.

2) I may have already had it! When coming back from a trip to Mexico in mid-February I experienced 3 days of mild flu. The Mexicans at the time were oblivious and ambivalent to Covid and there were no hygienic practices in place. Because the “illness” was so minor I gave it no more than a passing thought. For the record I did not hang around a lot of 80 year olds. Most of the people I hang out with are half my age- literally!

I am also happy to report that my trip to Mexico a few weeks ago showed a far more conscious effort containing Covid- in most cases more diligent than where I live in the U.S.

Which brings me to a choice for you.

ON September 1, 2020 the price of Telokynase will go up. I’ve tried to keep the cost down for as long as possible but with the previous events of this year it has been impossible. The cost increases we have forecasted will go through the $400 mark eventually hitting $500 by the end of the year for a single bottle.

BUT, there is good news. If you act now and order one of the current options you will be locked in for any future iterations no matter what the cost to us is up to and until zero profit margin for us! It’s that important.

So, if you are already on it your reward is you will never pay more for it than you are now even if you started on it last year. You will get each and every version at no extra charge. This holds true for any NEW ORDERS until midnight August 31 2020.

Time’s not standing still so don’t you either!!!

It’s your choice!!! Act Now or Forever Hold your Peace!

Signed, Your Loving Fxxkhead,

Dr Dave

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