Special Offer Reminder

August is getting a bit “long in the tooth” and The Telokynase Special offer Below is going to be over before you know it!

ON September 1 2020 the price of Telokynase will go up. I’ve tried to keep the cost down for as long as possible but with the previous events of this year it has been impossible. The cost increases we have forecasted will go through the $400 mark eventually hitting $500 by the end of the year for a single bottle.

BUT, there is good news. If you act now and order one of the current options you will be locked in for any future iterations no matter what the cost to us is up to and until zero profit margin for us! It’s that important.

So, if you are already on it your reward is you will never pay more for it than you are now even if you started on it last year. You will get each and every version at no extra charge. This holds true for any NEW ORDERS until midnight August 31 2020.

Time’s not standing still so don’t you either!!!

Dr Dave

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