Mood Matters

Thoughts are things!

Sound familiar?

How about this- “The words you speak shape your life!”

Or this: “You can’t love anyone if you don’t love yourself first!”

So simple right. Just live by these words some of which have become InstaG platitudes and everything will work out right!

Sorta kind of!!!!

Here is another one that actually is pretty much 100% true 99% of the time: “If you want results, begin with The End in mind!”

You may have noticed that “The End” was capped. And you may have intuited that I was talking about the end of your life not the end of some project. But if not no biggie the message is the same:

The more Juice and Passion and Focus you put into your life the less you will need and rely on platitudes to shape it. After all, without Intention and Action those words carry zero energy and change nothing.

IN short, the worst platitude, “Fake it til you Make It!” ensures that you will always be faking it. And you will always bump up against the programs that keep you stuck and in fear! This by the way is just the tip of some of what I cover in my upcoming coaching program.

Speaking of which, I’ve never seen so much coaching launched by fakers in my Life! Godbless everyone especially those who know no better but tying your star and your future to a lot of what is out there will keep you stuck. More on all that later but its as simple as this: Choose your Coaches Wisely.

I have and it has made all the difference in the world!

Ok now back to platitudes latitudes gratitudes and the like, here is a DD one, “If the needle stays in the groove your desires become a needle in the haystack!”

Ok it doesn’t sound sexy or pithy but it should ring true if you pause to understand it.

Words actually change nothing.* Meditation may or may not change something depending on how effectively you can quiet yourself and listen to the Divine.

What changes things is the intention behind your words, prayers and meditation (even though during you should not have intentions!).

And what is at the root of your intention?

Answer, your mood! If you are curmudgeonly, pissed off, hopeless or not willing to let go of things that are bothering you nothing changes. That is the groove as in the groove in the record. Put the needle in a vinyl album (if you know what that is!) and it will play the same sounds, the same vibrations and you can count on it. And should there be a scratch or a skip, you can count on that too- Every Time.

And in case you didn’t know mood can change your telomere length, thus directly affecting your longevity and your health. It can even affect unborn babies who are born with shorter telomeres when their moms are highly stressed or depressed!

Now I’m going to tell you something very personal.

I work on my mood all the time. This past 18 months of the C word and the Pand… word have made it all the more important.

I will refer you to Pubmed to find out what I have been saying for 2 decades Fish oil especially “high dose**” fish oil improves mood and reduces depressive behavior. It also seems to improve many other brain functions although you will never hear me tell you it takes the place of medicine prescription or otherwise because I value my freedom!

We have it now so if your mood needs some help start with this!

I also mentioned telomeres and how mood swings, depression and stress can directly and indirectly affect your biological time clocks- shortening them or lengthening them.

That is why I make Telokynase – My patented one of a kind, not like anything else on the market telomerase activator!!! That is why I continue to pour time and money into improving it as the research (yeah also time and money!) reveals the details of the formulation, timing and dose etc.

So, the question and answer are as old as man. If you begin with the end in mind, can you change the outcome.

Yes, you can!!!! No guarantees with ANYTHING you do or take because none of us know our expiration dates but the possibility is real and it’s here now!

More importantly you can change what you look and feel like during that time-however long it may be.

Look your Best, Feel your Best, Be your Best for as long as you can.

And if you reverse engineer the goal of Better Mood by fixing the End result of stinkin’thinkin’ without having to rely first on empty platitudes that may or may not work at all, you will have begun with the end in mind and supported the effects of the positive change you want to enact at headwaters of the river instead of where it dumps in the vast ocean.

And you won’t be faking it, you’ll be living it!!!!

Join me!!!

Dr Dave

*We focus far too much on what people say and far too little on their actions- what they do and what good or bad results from it. The current Social Media “Cancel Culture” is a great example: “How could you ever be friends with someone who said, likes, voted for, or believes that!!!!” Moreover, you cannot be indecisive, ambivalent or just plain old disinterested. You cannot be unaware, limit your SM contact, ignore watching the news that is programming you to behave a certain way without thinking,and thus miss the cause d’jour. You can only be ignortant (yes, I am deliberately misspelling it!!!!! You must DELETE them from your SM and your Life otherwise you are “supporting the enemy” and clearly some sort if “ist”!!!

This coming from people who think that their beliefs are “inclusive’ and not realizing they are just as divisive and programmed as “the other side” is which ever “side” that may be. If you want to know the measure of a man or woman, look at the deeds they do or do not do. That is the honest measure, no matter what they may say. Ponder that and I think you will understand and agree.

**The terminology “high dose” continues to misused and misunderstood with regard to omega 3 fish oils and fats. 2-3 grams a day is not high dose for most people. For most of us the changes start at 4-6 grams a day every day! That is not “high dose” that is necessary dose to reap the benefits. So far, any attempt by naysayers to state otherwise by citing “dangerous” side effects has been shot out of the sky every time a study undertakes to prove it!!! Fish oil is not a “cure all”. It is a nutritional need that when deficient causes symptoms. The recent data on Covid severity and mortality and migraine reduction are just 2 examples where people could suffer less and feel better with a simple replacement of a nutritionally essential essential fatty acid! Sorry but DUH!!!! That said most of what I have said has popped up years after as if it was “new”.

Then again what do I know….. Speaking of which if you want me to spill the beans look for the notices of my upcoming next coaching and mentorship programs. I promise it will improve your mood 😊!!!!

And finally, ignortant! Really doc?! Well, that is a neologism- a new previously unsaid word. In this case the combination of ignorant and important. That is why I love the English language!

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