More on MEB, Mitochondria and Telomeres

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OK- today’s little science lesson.

The mitochondria do not divide in the same fashion that the cells that house them do. Cells more or less just split in half and double the DNA and the cellular machinery. But the mitochondria do something that is more like a salamander that grows a new limb after one is hacked off. They kind of grow and ooze and enlarge into a new space and then wall off more or less half of the now doubled space in a process called biogenesis.

They can also donate parts of themselves to other mitochondria to “heal” them and improve their function.
Finally when they degenerate or implode, some of their material is usually recycled in the body’s very own green revolution!
Mitochondrial are unappreciated in the aging process. Not just because of their role in energy generation that can fuel the ongoing cell repair processes, but because of their role in signaling.

For instance, one of my favorite DNA components, the telomere, which keeps biological age and time, “talks” to the mitochondria and vice versa even though they are in different places in the cell and separated by the nuclear wall.

Telomere length and health let’s the mitochondria known when to start scuttling the ship so to speak by increasing heat and free radical generation. This is part of the aging process I have written to you about many times called senescence.
The inflammatory free radical bomb that starts leaking like a bad warhead in the individual cell can poison and age many other cells in its vicinity leading to chain reaction that drives aging and dysfunction.

Not good!

Short telomeres also can shorten life- YOURS!

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