The Food Nutrient Exercise Axis of Aging and Flash Sale Update

OK today we take a short break before bringing you some more flash deals but I will mention one product you should have; horrendous diet. It’s not on sale but its inexpensive and packed full of direct practical advice that bears on pretty much everything I’ve said during the MEB sale and will say in today’s email.

There is no doubt that tons of science supports the interplay between food choices, calorie choices, and exercise choices and “successful aging”.

Let’s define successful aging as more years of life AND more life in those years.

I have been seeing a google news alert that quotes a famous scientist as saying, “You can’t extend your life”. What nonsense. Life spans have been getting longer for over a decade now albeit slowly. But most people really don’t want to talk about more years. Many add immediately, “What’s the point of living longer if you are not healthy?” Duh!!!!

That kind of thinking goes right along with the “you can’t live longer” mentality.

Actually, its fine by me. I am not exactly interested in having those people that chose not to be around or healthy be here longer either!

But it is a choice.

Lot’s of people would just as soon look great, feel great, do great and enjoy their lives. The good news is that all this scientific gobbled gook will help you achieve just that- so here goes!

I want to harp one more time on the role of the Mitochondria in aging, even though at this moment that part of the sale is over. I hope you didn’t miss it!

I said a while back (2012 to be exact) that I consider the epigenome to be the interface between the environment and your genes. For our purposes the epigenome is that “stuff around the DNA” and is responsible for deciding which genes are turned on and which ones are turned off.

Pretty important stuff and a major player in how well you age.

The bulk of aging and age-related disease including possibly cancer is determined by mitochondria health not always genetic health. This is the reason we have so many uncured diseases today- we’ve not paid enough attention to the role of mitochondrial health.

These powerhouses not only supply the energy for what helps us stay young active and virile (and yes looking and feeling good!) they also determine in a big way how inflamed our cells are and how much damage that inflammation does.

So, in summary:

  • They directly and indirectly affect the aging process via things li[dropcap][/dropcap]ke telomeres and even mutation rate.
  • They directly and indirectly determine how much energy we have to use for what we want and what keeps us healthy versus lost energy, free radical oxidation and heat (think cancer and thermal imaging!)
  • They directly and indirectly talk to our genes along with other mechanisms turning them on and turning them off.
    Frankly I could write a book on just those 3 sentences but I’d rather make supplements to maximize and optimize the consequences of mitochondrial biology.

That is what the Mitochondrial Energy Bundle was about.

If you missed it let our dear Bailey in customer service know and maybe, just maybe I’’ bring it back for a day.

It’s that important.

In the meantime, Monday will have something new for you to save on.

And here is a quick update on what the next couple of months hold:

My new Sleep Formula
My new Male Enhancement Formula
My new Telomere Support Formula
My new Ketogenic Formula

They could hit anytime but I will not talk about them more until they have a specific production date. You may here about at least one of them in the next week so stay tuned!

‘Nuff Said.

Keep the Holiday Youthful Spirit!


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