Super Sale Day 6 Telomeres!!!

Today is “Take Care of Your Telomere Day” at our 12 days of Christmas Sale. We are now Halfway Through the Sale!!!

The featured product is the Immortality Edge Packs and at the end of the email we also have a bundle specifically for telomere support, including The Multi and Toco Q all of which are designed to help support your telomere length!

Today’s special is a little different. In addition to the usual 18% off and free Conus Shipping on Continuity subscription, I have another special to add. Buy 5 and get the 6th absolutely free IN ADDITION to the discount pricing!! This offer is a huge savings and a great way to get the Immortality Edge Pack stocked up for 2020.

Remember telomeres take time to grow and stabilize so it’s a good investment for 6 months.

I’ve never done this before and it’s not announced on the video so it’s truly special!

Now is the time to Save Big

And Speaking of Saving Big don’t miss the Bundle deal today: Immortality Edge Bundle containing The Immortality Edge Packs, Toco Q and Young Life Daily Multi at phenomenal discounts! Toco Q’s Tocotrienols are known telomerase activators and studies have shown that multi vite use is also associated with longer telomeres. Remember I have one of the few true “Anti-aging” Multis on the market Get it here!


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