Day 6 Reminder- Telomere Day

This is Halfway Day since its Day 6 of 12 And its Take Care of Your Telomeres Day here!

If you haven’t taken advantage of the chance to boost your telomere health the sale is rolling along to its inevitable conclusion in the next 12 hours. We have the usual 18% off but there is a special buy 5 get the 6th free to save big for a Holiday Stock Up!!!

Do it now because your telomeres aren’t getting longer by themselves. Hopefully you know what that means by now!!

And Speaking of Saving Big don’t miss the Bundle deal today: Immortality Edge Bundle containing The Immortality Edge Packs, Toco Q and Young Life Daily Multi at phenomenal discounts! Toco Q’s Tocotrienols are known telomerase activators and studies have shown that multi vite use is also associated with longer telomeres. Remember I have one of the few true “Anti-aging” Multis on the market!

Dr Dave aka Dr Telomere!!!

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