A New Era For Fish Oil?

Hopefully you’ve seen the recent news that Fish Oil really does reduce cardiovascular events with or without statin drugs.

You might not remember the email I sent several years ago that noted the concomitant use of fish oil with statin drugs also reduces statin side effects.

IT’s well know that statins can deplete Co Q 10 so if you are on a statin research suggests you would benefit from the combination of fish oil and a reduced Co Q 10.

I make the Best of both as you may well know.

I’d like to remind you that the main force behind all vascular diseases we face as we age is inflammation and loss of elasticity both of which can be helped by therapeutic doses of Omega 3 fish oil.

I recommend 4 -6 grams a day for most people depending on diet and inflammation level. If you spring for one of those fingerstick Omega tests once a year you’ll have a great idea of where you stand and whether you need to reduce or increase your dose.

Some things never change: Take your fish oil every day!

Dr Dave- The King of Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil!

PS If there is a New Era for Fish Oil it is in the area of Women’s Health! Be aware that heart disease in YOUNG WOMEN is continuously rising. If you are in that category you should definitely be on Fish Oil!

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