Do As I Say Not As I Do or Better Yet Do As I Did – Formerly Fat Doctors Don’t Lie

Have you ever heard that one?

Chances are if you did it was years ago from a parent or other authority figure.

But some people are still treating you like a kid and using this mentality to justify their own flaws.

Who am I talking about?

I am talking about doctors, my friend.

As a whole, doctors are some of the unhealthiest, most self-neglecting, poor examples of what you should do.

We all took the Hippocratic Oath, now some of us (many of us) need to take the Hypocritic Oath and stop being hypocrites.

What triggered this outlash by yours truly?

Well this has been a big week for doctors.

I happened to be visiting the hospital briefly (not a as patient!) and I ran into a guy who I remembered was in the Family Practice residency.

He was at least 50 pounds overweight then. Now as a practicing doc he is probably 100 pounds overweight.

Who is he kidding? What would be the absolute very first thing you would think if a doctor like that told you to lose weight?

Probably something like “Look in the mirror, pal”.

Funny thing about us doctors — we think (and in some cases its true) that just by telling people to do things they will do it.

But imagine how much more impact it would have if we as physicians actually practiced what we preached.

I do and I see no reason why most docs, male or female, cannot.

I am not brighter or genetically more gifted metabolically than any of them.

Just yesterday I was finishing a run with a good friend of mine who is an ER doc at a local hospital. He’s training for his first Marathon and wanted someone who has been there and done that to train with.

Now I rarely go long any more so we kept it to 6 miles.

The last 1.5 miles we steadily increased the pace for quarter mile increments until we hit the last quarter mile at about 85% max speed.

That is how you get faster, not just running longer a little faster.

Anyway, on the way out we passed two former residents of mine.

Each of them is at least 10 years younger than me.

One jokingly said “Hey, pick it up, Doc”.

That is what they all say.

My friend and I wound up catching and passing them at the very end.

They had walked about 2 miles in the time we had run 6.

Afterward in the parking lot they came over and we started to chat.

Here I was with two of my former residents from years back.

It was great to see them and fun to talk to them.

But I could not help but notice neither of them was anywhere near ideal body weight.

As a matter of fact, they were both fat and out of shape.

One was a kidney doc the other a heart doc.

I thought to myself, “How big and bad is this weight loss thing that two of my brightest former pupils have been caught by it? I wonder what their patients think when they say, ‘You have to lose weight!’”

Then it came: the “how did you do it” question.

Both of them were nothing short of desperate to lose weight and just about as clueless as the next person.

A heart doc and a kidney doc; desperate, emotionally overwrought and beaten by the fat demon.

So I told them about my Fabulous Fat Furnace in detail, and I mean scientific detail.

Remember these were docs so they wanted the natty gritty.

Much to my pleasant expectation, soon after I got home there was an order from the kidney doc and the heart doc as well for the Ultra Strength Fat Furnace.

In my area alone I now have a foot doctor, a plastic surgeon, a heart doc, a kidney doc and two family practitioners taking the Fabulous Fat Furnace.

All of them who have been on it for a few weeks told me how it helps them and that they are losing weight faster than they thought possible.

And fat doctors don’t lie about getting thin.

Squash the fat demon once and for all and reclaim the body you always wanted.

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