I am taking a short break and stepping off my telomere / fish oil soap box to revisit a topic that in the past was a big favorite: diet and obesity.

As I mentioned in my last blog my descent and resurrection from obesity is graphically detailed on the Ultra Strength Fat Furnace page.

My own journey to getting fat is actually pretty typical at least in terms of reasons why.

Those reasons are: significant and sudden decrease in activity, complete abandonment of any dietary restrictions in terms of my food choices, and finally lack of concern over how many calories I took in.  Briefly this was supposed to be an experiment to prove that Ultra Strength Fat Furnace worked and sped up weight loss.  I was going to gain 15 pounds and then hit the brakes and reverse it in a few weeks by reinstating my life style and adding the supplement I had created. I stopped all of my supplements during this time and man was it easy to pack on the pounds. The unplanned part happened when I developed and acute appendicitis and added 6 more weeks of inactivity and another 35 pounds to the weight loss tally.

A few months and 50 pounds less later I learned a couple of very important things I want to share with you about why we get fat and the world’s best diet to lose that fat.

The specific reasons I gave you above are the reason most people get fat. Once again they are:

  • Too many calories in.
  • Too few calories out.
  • Not enough physical activity.
  • The wrong choices of food.

The first 3 are undeniable and pretty much everybody knows this.  But the last one is really a sticking point.

Our diets are loaded with inflammatory food choices. By that I mean foods that tilt the balance of our immune system towards inflammation and cause havoc over time with our health.  But they also set up a kind of chain reaction where inflammation begets more inflammation and now you have a cycle that reinforces itself.  That is much harder to do once that cycle is established than it is to nip it in the bud.

At the same time our diets are loaded with carbs and sugar. Notice I am not distinguishing between simple and complex carbs anymore.  I am saying ALL carbs. Now I can hear the dieticians in the audience grumbling about my obvious “mistake” and oversight but I am very deliberate.

I think the best diet for rapid weight loss and overall health is a diet (e.g. reduced calories!) that leads to ketosis in your body.  You can call it a ketogenic diet if you like.  I think the biggest benefits are seen by the combination of ketosis and dietary energy reduction (DER). Some people would call that “calorie restriction” but I do not want to invoke all the baggage that comes with that term.  My recent sojourn to Wiaken Ranch in Joseph Oregon with OMD Dr Laurel Sander has reinforced that.  Seven days of juice (again some people would call that a “juice fast” and a daily calorie intake of about 50% my usual was easy to maintain and resulted in rapid weight loss of about 7 pounds. And it has stayed off because my appetite has stayed under control.

So if you like Carbs are the enemy. Simple carbs much more so than complex and fruits much more so than vegetables and sugared fruits and juices (ever wonder how they get cranberries to taste sweet?!).  In a month or so I will tackle a seven day water fast and let you know how that goes.

Anything that rapidly cranks up your insulin levels is a bad thing for your weight and your health. Be particularly wary of the “whole grain” agenda. There are a ton of reasons why I am not a grain fan but for our purposes today it’s because they tend to be loaded with calories even in small portions.

The things I really want to stress here are the following: Sugar is indeed addictive and sugary food choices including sweet fruits can sabotage your appetite control. You will get hungry by eating carbs in excess of 20 or so grams a day and this will make dieting miserable, exhausting and most likely, a failure.

I have always found that by day 3 or so of a really low carb ketogenic diet I have a lot of energy even with DER.

So is this the best diet in the world?  Just like my last blog the answer is “It depends”.

I think it is the best one to induce fairly rapid weight loss and long term recognition of your eating “habits”. Eating by routine instead of hunger fuels most of our “waist lines”. It will also teach you how sneaky and pervasive sugar and carbs that easily go to sugar are at getting you to lose control of food choices, portion control and your will power. Carbs and insulin are the enemy and sugars are far more addictive for some of us than we realize.

Finally it will teach you a huge lesson: most of us eat too much! Plain and simple.*

With those lessons you will gain insight into your body and how it works that will help you in ways you never dreamed of and give you a new sense of control over your life.

But as a long term diet I think its too easy to get into vitamin deficiencies if you are not careful. If you decide to do this make sure you take your supplements .

If it all seems too much for you than just go here and make it much easier .

Either way its time to take control of your weight and your life. Let’s make 2014 that year!


*I am referring to middle aged adults here because that is the “most of us” that is interested in staying younger. On a side note 10 years ago I carried 235 lbs of mostly muscle around. Nowadays its more like 195 with a similar body composition. I think being leaner as you age is just much healthier. And it will keep you from being “one of the many”. When I walk around in the company of guys my age with the huge guts, crappy posture and fat faces I feel like one of us is not human!

For the past decade I have intermittently written about the effects of exercise on health and body composition (primarily weight loss). My own descent and resurrection from Obesity is well detailed in graphic fashion. At that time I also obtained my CPT (Personal Trainer) certificate and began what would amount to a biannual sojourn to Boca Raton and the Institute of Human Performance to visit then Guru now Guru and dear friend Juan Carlos Santana.

I have learned an awful lot from Carlos and it has spurred my continued study of Exercise Physiology, something I obtained a Masters Degree in many years ago.

Along with over a decade of medical practice and another decade in supplement design all interspersed with tons of public speaking teaching normal people and doctors, I distilled one of the most common questions I get asked about exercise into the title of this blog.

“Doc what is the best kind of exercise?!”

I must get asked that 100 times a year from all kinds of people in all kinds of places.  I often give them JC’s answer: The best exercise is the one YOU do!

While this may sound like I am running from the issue it is not. JC has captured the central conundrum of exercise- We can’t get people to do enough of it regularly! Now that is a whole ‘nother lecture so I’ll save that and give my next most common answer:

It depends.

It depends very much on what you want. So then I have to go down that garden pathway with the person and find out what level of motivation, starting fitness and health and realistically what they are likely to stick with.

No mean feat.

The answer I most commonly get is…

“Doc I want to lose this excess body fat!  But I also want to have a great body be healthy and still feel attractive. I want fat loss strength and flexibility. I want to be sexy and have a high level of endurance. I want a six pack (guys) and a nice butt (girls). I don’t want to be muscle bound but I want to have muscles. I want to get rid of this belly (guys) and the muffin top (girls).  Oh yeah and I don’t want to be tired all the time. I don’t want to spend much money or invest much time either because I am super busy with all the other stuff that I have somehow decided is far more important than my health. I still need to watch my favorite TV shows and eat out 5 times a week at least. By the way will I have to diet to get to where I want? I hope not. Can’t I just exercise 20 minutes 3x a week like it says on www.MiracleBodyInFiveMinutesADay.com ?” (Not a real link!)

In other words they want everything.

Not once has anyone ever said, “I want to do the exercise that helps me age most gracefully!” And rarely does anyone say “I want to learn to move better.”

There was this guy named Hans Seyle back in the 1930’s who coined the term adaptation as it applies to the body’s response to exercise. If you keep his principle of adaptation in mind you will understand the body becomes a mirror of the stimulus you give it. Power lifters get powerful and strong. They don’t always look that aesthetically pleasing.  Body builders get less strong significantly bigger (steroids aside) and much more aesthetically pleasing as long as they don’t go overboard. Runners tend to get scrawny in weak looking but they can go forever. And so on and so forth. Ultimately and this is just my opinion Gymnasts for men and skaters for women have the best overall aesthetically pleasing looks.

The point is you become a mirror of the kind of stimulus you give your body so chose wisely and don’t expect running to make you big by itself or power lifting to make you ultra lean by itself.

When I wrote my portion of our book “The Immortality Edge” I had had a lot of exposure to people who advocated Sprint or High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).Two of the biggest pioneers were Matt Furey and Phil Campbell in that order and were among the first to fuel the fires of what would become the modern HIIT craze.

In our book we wrote that HIIT was the most efficient way to get in shape, maintain health and body weight. We also wrote about its effects on telomere length which is actually shared by Long Slow Distance (LSD).

I chose HIIT type training for the following reasons:

  1. It required only 30 min or so to get a great workout
  2. It can be done as almost zero impact in the pool
  3. It seems to be the fastest way to increase your cardiovascular fitness rapidly at least to a point.
  4. There is less of a tendency to stimulate the monstrous appetite that seems to follow really Long LSD exercise
  5. Bottom line this is a very efficient way to get in shape
  6. The contribution of EPOC Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption was supposed to be enough to add hundreds of calories to the overall calorie burn well beyond the time spent exercising. I had read some early studies that noted up to 600 calories more above and beyond whatever was burned during the exercise bout itself.

So EPOC became the buzz word for fat loss, sexy body composition and spiritual transformation and EPOC became the ‘secret’ to all good things that was defended by its faithful legion.But during my observations of how this type training affected my body I found I did not agree with the last point..  As per my usual approach of, “Gee this is pretty important since the whole premise is built on it. If I can I need to be sure that it is true or not true”, I found a simple way to do some research.

I found a device that accurately measures RMR and MR under other circumstances several years ago called Body Gem.  I initially used this device to evaluate 2 things:  The effects of exercise on me and a few willing “guinea pigs”, and the effects of what was then new, Energy X Maxx to the mix.

What I found was I did not lose weight on interval training alone.

In addition I did not have the “getting ripped effect” where body composition changed and body fat melted off me*. This was important because advocates of HIIT defended and marketed both of things like crazy.  Moreover I did not find the Effect of EPOC to be all that earth shattering.  Even with Tabata type intervals I only burned around 220 calories above resting and in me at least the level of increased metabolism lasted far less than the 24 to 36 hours that were originally touted. If you think about it in terms of weight loss and body composition you would want more calories burned than you take in and you would somehow like to shunt those calories away from muscle and into fat. Both were purported benefits of HIIT.

When I added the Energy X Maxx I was able to document on myself and several others around about 600 calories total excess burned (including the 200 from exercise) and see the effect lasting almost a full 24 hours although the level of burn fell off progressively from the time of exercise.

What I ultimately concluded was:

  1. In a well trained middle aged man trying to lose weight HIIT alone when adjusted for the progressive loss of effect over several hours probably was good for 100 calories of extra energy burned. My volunteers (all 4 of them!) had similar results.
  2. By adding a thermogenic supplement and adjusting for progressive loss of effect over time (although a 2 or 3X a day dose routine mitigated this somewhat) I could account for about 400 calories more. Again this is above and beyond the calorie burn of the HIIT session which was usually a 30 minute session with 90 to 92% heart rate for 30 second intervals repeated 8 times. That accounted for another 250 calories or so.
  3. HIIT alone was not going to help with weight loss although it was effective for weight maintenance. Adding a thermogenic definitely made weight loss easier and rather dramatic because 600 calories extra everyday for 6 weeks adds up to serious weight loss!
  4. EPOC was at least in me way overestimated even when different lengths and times of intervals were used. I started with traditional Tabata type intervals on a treadmill or stationary bike at first.
  5. To get the kind of fitness level and body I wanted I had to use more or less standard resistance training and some LSD as well. If the LSD could integrate some intervals (brutally hard to do!) it had even more benefit!
  6. Contrary to what the Gurus had written, LSD also had some EPOC, in some cases more than HIIT!

It turns out that several years after my little personal study several bona fide scientific studies were done and they showed the following.

The maximum EPOC from HIIT training was only 10% of the actual total calorie burn, was long gone after less than 6 hours, maxed out at 220 Cal which again was a spot measurement and fell of the further you went out from the actual exercise. It was long gone the same day and lasted nowhere near the purported 24 hours.

Stated another way HIIT calories come mainly from the actual bout of exercise not the EPOC- something I found to be true years earlier in my own case.

Now here is the thing. I still stand by our recommendations in the Immortality Edge because HIIT may actually work better for out of shape people to get them in shape than any other type of exercise.  It certainly works faster!  Depending on what type of HIIT you do you will get some different results. When I was doing my personal study I eventually settled on 4 minute intervals at 85% heart rate max ( and this was controlled by using a HR monitor) with anywhere from 1 to 3 minutes recovery depending on where my fitness level was.  Repeats were 6 to 8 and I did these on a Schwinn Airdyne cycle which remains my favorite low impact device.  I did my Tabata’s (30 seconds on full and 30 to 60 seconds off) with a flotation vest in deep water at the pool.

When you do the longer lower intensity intervals

It has been shown to improve your heart rate and “cardio” conditioning more than the really short super high intensity ones which develop explosive strength more.  As you go longer the contribution of aerobic (burning oxygen) metabolism goes up so this makes sense.

All HIIT had very positive benefits on metabolic parameters like insulin; blood lipids etc so from a health perspective it seems you can get the same benefits as LSD in less time.

What did I learn?

HIIT is very efficient and very useful. It is a great way to “get” in shape or get to the next level of fitness.  It has great metabolic effects. It is not, at least for me and my co-crazies, a way of losing weight or changing body composition by itself. It requires support from other forms of exercise including LSD.

So HIIT is slowly coming down off its high horse and LSD is resuming its rightful place among exercise.  This upsets a lot of people.  I can recall a Gynecologist publically ridiculing me and humiliating himself by angrily telling me I was FOS when I said we are always in the fat burning zone except when we are doing HIIT! He insisted incorrectly that you only burn fat when you hit 90% of your Heart Rate and that this was the “Fat Burning Zone”. This is what happens when people get their information from the internet and believe people who “look” credible but are themselves FOS.

HIIT burns more fat after in its EPOC phase but as we see that was way over estimated. During your HIIT session you are actually using the glycolytic (sugar burning lactate producing) pathways. The angry Gynecologist had done something I see all to commonly these days. He let an internet site or Guru make him forget his education in favor of popular public opinion. Destroying a myth is not a great way to win friends and influence people!

And what happened to all the HIIT gurus?

They are still out there quoting the old studies done with old inaccurate methodology and study design.  The courses and books touting “Get Ripped”  “Afterburn” and “Destroying the Fat Loss Dogma” are still referenced as gospel truth. The information is still quoted as factual, and their devoted legions are still angrily lashing out at me.  I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if I get some comments on this blog that way even though I have had very positive things to say about HIIT.

In the meantime I still stand by my original answer to the question, “Doc what is the best form of exercise?”

It depends.


All the Best,

Dr Dave


*There are several well known videos and highly respected trainers who have shown wonderful transformations in their athletes by adding HIIT training and decreasing other forms of training during this time. Tabata the Japanese speed skating coach had great results with his speed skaters in competition and noted remarkable increases in their aerobic capacity. Here’s the thing. These people were all Olympic level athletes. They were already at a super human level of fitness and probably needed one tweak to their training to change their outcomes. That tweak was the metabolic boost given by HIIT but it was contingent on a couple of things: They were quite YOUNG like under 30. They were already in tremendous shape and could tolerate maximal or even “supra” maximal stimulus without whining or getting injured. Their training environment and nutrition were strictly controlled and they did not do other things like try to earn a living. And I guarantee you they did a ton of other stuff besides just HIIT, including some LSD and weight training.

When these principles were applied to even the average active young person the results were less stellar. In the middle aged about to get sick group, you know the 50 something fat  metabolic early diabetic men, the calorie burns were flat out disappointing even though they were at 85% max heart rate. They stayed kinda fat middle aged and frumpy!  But, they got healthier in a big way quick. In other words it not only depends on what YOU want but WHERE you are starting from and how far you can actually go!



As you may have guessed from the phrase “the current thinking”, this stuff is subject to change.  Much like diets, the actual testing of exercise routines is based far more on “personal experience”, than science.  Even when science gets involved, it gets difficult to find a series of studies that support one thing or another, repeatedly. People basically cherry pick the study that suits their inclination and use that, to the exclusion of anything that refutes that study. I read everything and I try just about everything!

Two years ago, we released our wonderful book, The Immortality Edge.   In that book, we spent a lot of time detailing the effects of interval training and EPOC (excess post exercise oxygen consumption or calorie burn). Interval training, invented back in the 1930’s, enjoyed a significant resurgence and became the routine of the day, in many lay press publications as well.

While I stand by what we said in the book – interval training is the MOST EFFICIENT use of one’s time in exercise – it appears that the whole EPOC equation may have been way overblown, in terms of actual extra calorie burn. This has not stopped the big guns of the MD internet marketing, from launching books, courses and entire web sites devoted to this form of exercise. Not to worry though, it still has huge metabolic and health benefits.

But before we launch into that, let’s look at what else has had its day in the sun.  Basically, that is weight training and “cardio” also known as Aerobics or LSD (long slow distance at low to moderate intensity).

For a while, weight training also enjoyed a heyday, with muscle mags and fitness rags touting its benefits as a primary weight loss tool.  The main reason for the attention was, the “fat burns in the muscle” concept, and of course that it was good for business! The more muscle you have, the more fat you burn when you are at rest or exercising.  Once again, it sounds simple, but it appears the estimates of just how much more fat you burn were grossly exaggerated. Add to that, most hard core weight lifters also set aside days for “cardio”, purely for the health benefits.

Perhaps the longest reigning champion of fitness and weight loss was aerobics, defined as any exercise that gets your heart rate into the 65 to 72% range of your maximum and keeps it there for a minimum of 30 minutes.  Notably, most cardio routines are 60 minutes to give you the extra calorie burn.

Now comes the fun part. What is real and what isn’t, what should you do, and what has been my personal experience after 25 years of medical practice and a certificate as a personal trainer?

Here it is:

1)      Interval type training is the most efficient use of your time.  If you only have 30 minutes a day, this is what you should do.  But, you can’t do it every day or you’ll burn out fast! In addition, I have seen far more disabling injuries from high intensity interval training, especially in middle aged people who are not starting out in good shape.  The safest way to do it is deep water sprinting with a flotation vest.  This is the lowest impact and should spare your joints as well as giving you some of the much touted “Michael Phelps Effect” e.g. you burn more calories in water because you lose calories as body heat, in addition to your exercise.

2)      That said, I have never personally had any success losing weight and inches with ONLY this type of training, unless I do it in circuit fashion with minimal rest (30 to 60 seconds) in between and do it for a full hour.  This is a real grind and here you are again with a one hour time commitment, at least 2-3 times a week, so in many ways it defeats the purpose.

3)      As far as EPOC is concerned, I only ever documented it using a Bodygem device, while taking my Ultra Strength Fat Furnace.  In this case, I was able to show 300 to 500 calories extra fat burn per day, but again much of this could have been from the supplement, not the exercise-induced EPOC.

4)      Weight training or some type of strength training is essential.  It could be with bands, body weight or weights, but in terms of safety and portability I love bands.  That said, I still do traditional weight lifting 2x a week for an hour. For many, it was a huge disappointment to see the lack of calorie burn from extra muscle. Estimates of hundreds of calories a day, for 10 pounds of muscle gain, appear to be completely unfounded. That said, there are all kinds of hormonal reasons why progressive resistance exercise is essential to your health, hormones and metabolism.  The other thing is, it’s probably the ONLY way to preserve fat free mass, while you are losing weight. In other words, it’s the only way to ensure you don’t become what I called “skinny fat”, in my emails a decade ago.

On a personal note, this type of training is also the only way I have personally been able to get the last few pounds off!

5)      Long slow distance aerobics or cardio, seems to be making a return as the best way to burn calories, now that we know that there is no free lunch with exercise. In other words, you still burn the bulk of your calories while you exercise, not while you recover. As you know, I am a sometime ultra runner.  Spending hours in the woods and dales and mud bogs running and struggling, burns a huge amount of calories. But few have, or are even willing to commit the time investment. The other thing, and this is a personal observation, is this kind of exercise tends to create a mountainous appetite when it exceeds one hour in duration.

6)      The fact that it often takes more than an hour of this type of exercise to really burn a significant amount of calories and it is not a free pass to eat whatever you want, led to the misconception best stated as follows.

“For years we have been telling people to exercise like this and all those years we have been watching them get fatter and fatter! So, it must be wrong!”

Um, what you put in your mouth still counts, people!

Confusing, isn’t it!  Actually, no! Where the confusion comes in is when we try to “mix metaphors” by losing sight of our goals.  As the title of this blog implies, the goal is weight loss and if you keep that in mind, the path becomes clear.

The first 6 to 12 weeks of any weight loss program should be spent in circuit training that uses body weight, iron weights, bands, etc in an interval fashion — 30 reps, 1 minute, whatever way you want to define the endpoint, followed by a similar rest period.  You should be breathless most of the time you are exercising and partially recovered when you are in between your sets. You should do this for 1 hour 2 to 3 times a week. You should feel exhausted and unable to think about any other form of exercise when you are done. As you progress through the weeks, you will notice just how fast you get into shape and how much harder you are capable of working out.  And of course, your body will change!

The main caveats are: don’t work out so hard you hurt yourself or cannot get “up” for the next session, and you still have to reduce your calorie intake.  That, my friend, is the hard part.  That is why I make all those supplements!


P.S.  No matter how many times I say it, someone always writes in and says “you neglected to mention the benefits of my favorite exercise”!  The above is not necessarily the best lifelong exercise plan, it may not have the most health benefits and it may not make you look ripped and shredded! But based on the current literature and my considerable experience, it is the most effective at weight loss.  For the best “anti-aging” effects, keep in mind a program that addresses our weaknesses as we age, such as loss of power and strength, is very important, and we should try to use all of our muscle fibers, fast, slow and medium twitch.

If there is one question that pops up over and over again its,”Doc, what’s the best diet to lose weight on?”

The simple answer: use a Paleo type diet with my fish oil and an exercise program as detailed in Fab Fat Loss for Everyone.

The complex answer? Well that could take days to answer and many emails so…I may as well start right now!

Today I am going to take a scientific look at two diets that are representative of two very different viewpoints.

The first diet, the diet touted by the National Cholesterol Education Program (you know, those lovely folks who think the entire nation should be on statin drugs, and think that cholesterol levels are the be all and end all of health!) stresses higher carbohydrate levels and lower fat levels.

For simplicity’s sake we’ll call this diet the NCEP diet for National Cholesterol Education Program Diet.

The Challenger we’ll call the “Modified Low Carbohydrate diet”. This diet is closer to Atkins and South Beach in that it stresses higher fat levels, higher protein levels, and lower carb levels (with the important diet?

It has been said that “Dieting is the price we pay for too little exercise and too much mass-produced food!”

Well, diets still hold the promise of better health, lower incidence of heart disease, stroke and cancer.


Truthfully when I ask people what they are dieting for, the bottom line is many of them say “I want to look better!” first and then “I want to feel better!” Second.

Actually that holds true for a large number of folks but I know from reading your emails most of you are focused on felling better and living longer and healthier first!

Which brings me to a point: A lot of times looking better is a short term goal. People have a certain event they want to get svelte for like a marriage or a reunion, and then they forgeddaboutit!

Clearly the long term motivations work better to keep weight and inches off.

That said who wins this diet war?

Ironically an article published recently in the Archives of Internal Medicine, a rag that would be considered ultra traditional, admitted that the higher fat higher protein diet fared a lot better in both the weight loss and cholesterol lowering department.

Put another way, the “officially sanctioned” diet of the NCEP was just not as good at achieving either of the aims of the NCEP as the MLC diet.

People did not lose as much weight and there was no change in their cholesterol levels!!!

Given that these folks represent the government, the FDA, Big Pharmacy, and Traditional Medicine none of us should be too surprised.

Have any of these agencies proven even once that they know or will tell any real useful functional information about nutrition or health.


So why should we trust them on this.

Yet this is the diet they would give you when you left the hospital with the heart attack they could have prevented!

This is the diet you would be given by a hospital or community based dietician (there are some exceptions to this but how to find them!) when you paid to see them because your insurance company does not recognize the value of preventative medicine via diet.

This is the diet so many “Health Publications” continue to print.

What do these diets say about Fish Oil?

Universally they recommend it. Even the Government is finally getting into the act when the “Dietary Recommendations for Americans” is released in early 2005.

Adkins and South Beach both recommend some form of Fish Oil.

The biggest mistake all of these bodies make is being too timid about the dosage!

You should be taking at least 3 grams a day for basic health, and 6 to 8 grams a day if you want to see moods, memory and wrinkles improve!

So don’t be timid about the health of your brain and body. Swallow those capsules with meals everyday and watch life get better and better, independent of the Government, the FDA and the rest of Traditional Medicine.

Here are a few more tools for your “Anti-Flab Holiday Campaign”.

Fab Fat Burning for EveryoneFish oilUltra Strength Fat Furnace

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pharmaceutical-grade health and anti-aging solutions,
just contact Dr. Dave at:

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Yep, that’s right it’s a cupcake here; meant to represent the ever increasing sugar intake of our population and our ever increasing chances of developing diabetes.

The Center for Disease Control estimates that by 2050, 1 in 3 Americans will have diabetes. They are “skeptical” that any of the current attempts to reduce this epidemic will work. They are talking about drug and food industry sponsored initiatives as well as government recommendations and they are right: it won’t work!

Now the sugar lobby would point out that the almost logarithmic increases in sugar intake over the past few decades have nothing to do with the epidemic of diabetes.

They would of course be wrong.

They might point out that the medical authorities of the recent past are complicit as well in recommending low fat diets and not explaining to the world that this did not mean Cart Blanche for eating carbs. They would not be totally wrong there sadly.

I would point out that if you eat something close to a Paleo diet as we recommend in our upcoming book “The Immortality Edge” you would solve a lot of these problems of insulin sensitivity, obesity inflammation and over acid production in the body and of course overweight and over fat.

But that is not likely to gain the traction we’d love to see. It’s more likely to become a fad that comes and goes like Adkins or any other diet.

Again sad because it’s genetically correct and it works.

Here’s what else works.

Fish oil.

I have bombarded you in the past week with studies on insulin and blood sugar and lean body mass and fat reduction. Simply by increasing the amount of fish oil in your body. Now you won’t lose 50 pounds in a week but you will by all accounts from the literature get healthier and lose some fat. I can’t come out and tell you it’s a simple as popping a few pills because the FTC and FDA love to put people in jail who say that but you can at least be aware of the research!

Here is something else you can take that will help you… Ultra Strength Fat Furnace and Secret SlimDown Capsules… thermogenic appetite suppressant. Nothing like boosting your metabolic rate and squashing your appetite to help get rid of body fat and improve your health. Again the alphabet agencies will not let me say “take this and get thinner” but you can look at my pictures and see what happened to me when I did.

I want you to live longer and healthier than any generation that has come before us.

That is why I incessantly preach fish oil and telomerase activation and exercise and the proper diet and so many other things that I write to you about. I want you to get better, feel better and look better as you get older.

I can give you the tools (Fish oilTA-65Ultra Strength Fat Furnace) but the rest is up to you.

But the tools sure do make it easier!

To ask questions or find out more about Dr. Dave’s physician-developed,
pharmaceutical-grade health and anti-aging solutions,
just contact Dr. Dave at:

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Have you ever heard that one?

Chances are if you did it was years ago from a parent or other authority figure.

But some people are still treating you like a kid and using this mentality to justify their own flaws.

Who am I talking about?

I am talking about doctors, my friend.

As a whole, doctors are some of the unhealthiest, most self-neglecting, poor examples of what you should do.

We all took the Hippocratic Oath, now some of us (many of us) need to take the Hypocritic Oath and stop being hypocrites.

What triggered this outlash by yours truly?

Well this has been a big week for doctors.

I happened to be visiting the hospital briefly (not a as patient!) and I ran into a guy who I remembered was in the Family Practice residency.

He was at least 50 pounds overweight then. Now as a practicing doc he is probably 100 pounds overweight.

Who is he kidding? What would be the absolute very first thing you would think if a doctor like that told you to lose weight?

Probably something like “Look in the mirror, pal”.

Funny thing about us doctors — we think (and in some cases its true) that just by telling people to do things they will do it.

But imagine how much more impact it would have if we as physicians actually practiced what we preached.

I do and I see no reason why most docs, male or female, cannot.

I am not brighter or genetically more gifted metabolically than any of them.

Just yesterday I was finishing a run with a good friend of mine who is an ER doc at a local hospital. He’s training for his first Marathon and wanted someone who has been there and done that to train with.

Now I rarely go long any more so we kept it to 6 miles.

The last 1.5 miles we steadily increased the pace for quarter mile increments until we hit the last quarter mile at about 85% max speed.

That is how you get faster, not just running longer a little faster.

Anyway, on the way out we passed two former residents of mine.

Each of them is at least 10 years younger than me.

One jokingly said “Hey, pick it up, Doc”.

That is what they all say.

My friend and I wound up catching and passing them at the very end.

They had walked about 2 miles in the time we had run 6.

Afterward in the parking lot they came over and we started to chat.

Here I was with two of my former residents from years back.

It was great to see them and fun to talk to them.

But I could not help but notice neither of them was anywhere near ideal body weight.

As a matter of fact, they were both fat and out of shape.

One was a kidney doc the other a heart doc.

I thought to myself, “How big and bad is this weight loss thing that two of my brightest former pupils have been caught by it? I wonder what their patients think when they say, ‘You have to lose weight!’”

Then it came: the “how did you do it” question.

Both of them were nothing short of desperate to lose weight and just about as clueless as the next person.

A heart doc and a kidney doc; desperate, emotionally overwrought and beaten by the fat demon.

So I told them about my Fabulous Fat Furnace in detail, and I mean scientific detail.

Remember these were docs so they wanted the natty gritty.

Much to my pleasant expectation, soon after I got home there was an order from the kidney doc and the heart doc as well for the Ultra Strength Fat Furnace.

In my area alone I now have a foot doctor, a plastic surgeon, a heart doc, a kidney doc and two family practitioners taking the Fabulous Fat Furnace.

All of them who have been on it for a few weeks told me how it helps them and that they are losing weight faster than they thought possible.

And fat doctors don’t lie about getting thin.

Squash the fat demon once and for all and reclaim the body you always wanted.

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