Flash Sale!!!

Ok my Friend! I understand that email is somewhat passé and people often don’t look at it like they used to. I also understand that our attention is tugged in many different ways and we sometimes miss stuff we would not like to miss.

I got enough “Please Help I missed the Telokynase Special!” emails and I do have a heart so I decided to let those who sincerely want to boost their telomerase, improve their immunity and feel better about how they are facing the next viral season and the bigger problem of aging have ONE MORE CRACK at the special pricing.

This goes until Midnight tonight EDTand then you will see significant price increases.

If you were one of several who missed or were on the fence about it NOW will be the Last Chance.

I do have a heart and I want you to be as healthy as possible.

After all its no fun when there’s no one left to play with.


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