Perseverance vs. Resilience

2020 has been quite the year to test both of those characteristics wouldn’t you say?!

Perseverance is related to self discipline and is the unbending focus on continuing forward progress towards something you think is worthwhile. Rarely are things that are worthwhile easy to attain and simple to maintain although both things should get easier in your life as you develop yourself.

Resilience is related to both of the above and is the ability to bounce back after set backs come your way. Its also an acid test of whether you really want something. I have seen many people simply shrug off their goals and say “Oh well!” when faced with adversity. I have seen just as many declare their determination to succeed while trying to continue doing things as before with the same energetic influences as before and continue to flail and fail as before. Saying it is so does not make it so unless all you care about is having the appearance of success! You’d be surprise how many people care more about how they are perceived than what is actually happening in their lives!

Eschew that BS and those BS people

I promise you, YOU do not have time for them in the coming reality!

I have a challenge today for you. Find something that has been eluding you and apply discipline, focus, perseverance and resilience to it. A timeline is fine because let’s face it sometimes we really do need a stop loss, but the most important thing is forward progress. As a second part of this challenge, I challenge you to let go of something or someone that has clearly be holding you back either by incompetence, negativity or by draining your energy in a nonproductive direction. Time to make room by getting rid of some junk in the closet!

A personal example of much of the above was the completion of the recent book “The Keto Edge”. This was an example of something that pushed focus, discipline, perseverance and resilience to a level I had not experienced before in the writing of my books. Ultimately the commitment to the best co creation and product we could make was the “last man standing” and the book was finished. That alone is a bigger success than any sales figures will ever be!!!

I can give you other personal examples; getting through med school, surviving divorce, running my first marathon and first ultra-marathon, creating a new job and a new life for myself and losing my original company to “friends” are a few.

In each case all of the above characteristics had to be applied to wind up with a successful outcome. In addition, I had good mentors and actually listened to the bulk of what they told me. A lot of what they told me was scary, felt uncomfortable and even sometimes felt like they were trying interfere with my ability to make my own decisions. I cannot think of one case however where what I was told to do was wrong. Painful, yes, scary yes, confusing, sometimes -but never wrong.

Over the years in the search for how to be “Super Human” I realized that was the wrong goal. The goal was to be the best human I could be and to share that experience with those who resonated with it.

In the process I created several nootropics. Some of you may remember “Instant Einstein” which after a challenge from the Tel Aviv based “Einstein Foundation” became “Instant Brain Power” and now has eventually been reformulated in to Brain Force One.

Brain Force One is the current culmination of everything you and I need to face a world that will continue to challenge us, continue to need us to focus, continue to require boundless mental energy and creativity and always be morphic and wiggling as we try to get it to sit still long enough to understand it!

Brain Force One has been a Super Secret Weapon in this battle and is one of the main reasons I have created more this year than in any other year! So far…

Do you think I will stop? Will You?

I hope not because while the Piscean Age may be coming to an end and the age of Aquarius beginning, we are still absolutely need or this place will fall apart!

Start with you! Take care of you and make sure you have enough mental juice to do 2 BIG things:

  1. Face the rapid pace of change we will continue to experience and
  2. Remain optimistic that YOUR HUMAN spirit will prevail. May you guide others on the way in the process!

These things will guarantee your relevance in a world that frankly would be happy to see you fade away!

Which brings me to my last point. I will be starting a mentoring program with a few different levels. The first will be “Exercises for Keto Dieters” an area that has not been filled in very well. The second level will be more general fitness and lifestyle based Anti-Aging Secrets where I spill the beans on every advantage I have that YOU might be interested in hearing about and/or doing. The final level of coaching will be “Magnetic Wealth Attraction” how to thrive in this and any environment. In each of these levels I will be tapping into my Rolodex of people who have mentored me along the way as well as my own special spin. The time frame for this to begin is New Year’s 2021 but you’ll need to sign up by Thanksgiving so I can plan the necessary curriculum.

I will discuss pricing and what you get with you directly if you express your interest. We will have an interview to decide if it fits for both of us. So, I’ll need you to leave a valid name and number with Bailey Martinez in customer service (610) 888-4608 along with the specific program you are interested in, or just reply to this email.

I don’t know what 2021 will bring – I just know exactly what you can do to realize your dreams in that year!!!

Dr Dave

PS I have been known to “see” things from time to time. One thing I have seen for quite some time now is the big split in humanity. I’m not talking about the political divisiveness although this is an example. I am talking about the ability of people to survive and thrive as the powers that be take off the gloves and throw down the gauntlet pushing their own agendas ahead while so many wallow in doubt and uncertainty. One train with a small number of people is heading towards better and better lives where they can take advantage of the “new reality” while maintaining their old core beliefs and equilibrium. The other much larger train is headed towards hard times, endless uncertainty and slowly watching their lives get smaller and smaller. As with all things which train you get on is a matter of choice. Be advised that choice often does not equate to free will unless you actually know who and what you are! I can help you with that too!

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