TA-65 and telomerase activation goes mainstream via Suzanne Somers

Over a decade ago a very brilliant marketer told me, “Don’t be first; they will forget you!”  He was referring, of course, to a situation where you create something or become involved in something at a very early stage and no one knows what it is and no one knows why they need it.  If you are in that boat, you do a lot of work and someone else usually reaps the rewards of your labors.
If things like fish oil, raspberry ketone, elderberry extract, rhodiola, Cordyceps, Hawthorne berry, curcumin* and of course, now TA-65, ring a bell then you know what I am talking about.  The good news is that you and I got to use them for several years (or at least had that option – you may have chosen not to do as I do!) before they hit the mainstream. I think that makes us younger and healthier than most!
The latest on the list of course is TA-65.
If you have been on my list anytime since 2009, you may already be sick of hearing about TA-65, telomeres and telomerase activation.
But if you haven’t, and sadly that includes the vast majority of the planet, you will not have heard any of these words.  But Suzanne Somers is coming to the rescue.  Someone sent me a TV clip of her promoting her newest book about staying young: “Bombshell”.
In the clip she condenses 30 years of science into about 20 seconds but gets the names of the Nobel laureates correct and gives them their due for their amazing discovery of telomeres and telomerase.
She then goes on to discuss the effects of TA-65.  Now I wish I could tell you that she gets her TA-65 from me and that she read our book, The Immortality Edge, two years ago when it came out and we set the trend for all this.  The former is not the case and I can only speculate on the later. Let’s just say some things sound suspiciously familiar to the words we wrote in that book two years ago, but then again, I don’t know her ghost writer so, I don’t know if that person has our book.
Overall, the effects of her probably inadvertent and unpaid promotion of telomeres, telomerase and TA-65 will do some good things.
Since people trust actresses more than doctors and a whole thunderin’ heard of people know who she is, and just a small tribe (like you!) knows who I am. Word will get out to the world at large.  Telomeres, telomerase and probably TA-65 will become household words. Somehow I think “Dr Dave” will remain anonymous or worse yet, when you search my name, someone else will come up, LOL!
C’est la vie!  This is nothing new and all of us who were the early adopters in the field knew it would take something like this to propel our personal passion into the limelight. Trust me; that is a good thing.
Also a good thing: Suzanne’s well publicized bout with breast cancer should “prove” to people that the whole seemingly unending link between telomerase activation supplements and cancer is just what I have been telling people for almost 3 years now: completely unrelated. I can talk ‘til I am blue in the face but when Suzanne says it, it must be true, right.  So maybe I can stop answering that question for the millionth time!
As we speak, there is an anti-aging conference going on in Orlando Florida. Some of the pioneers and some of the new comers in the field of telomeres and telomerase are there. My coauthor, Greta Blackburn, is there.  My other coauthor, Dr Mike Fossel, who predicted we would be using telomerase 15 years ago, was at the November conference in Las Vegas with me.  Jerry Shay, an early pioneering researcher in telomere biology, is giving a lecture.
Steve Matlin, CEO of LifeLength, super telomere scientist Maria Blasco’s company,  and the only one that does the only commercial telomere testing on the planet, are there!  An entire morning is dedicated to the telomere and telomerase. The entire conference attendance of almost a thousand doctors will most likely be there.
Two years ago, when I gave the single and only talk on the topic at that conference, we had about 200 people in the room. But today the word is finally out to doctors as well as the general public.
Yes, my friend, telomeres, telomerase and TA-65 have gone mainstream and will continue to grow from here on out.
Thousands more will join the rejuvenation revolution.  Thousands more will begin to understand and act on a paradigm that has been searched for since antiquity but arrived in our lifetime. Thousands more will begin the push to longer healthier lives.  Who knows, maybe a few more people will read our book!
I hope my words over the past 2 years have already influenced you to be one of the pioneers we once called “Telonauts”- people who explored the universe of telomere biology and regenerative medicine.
If you are not on TA-65 for whatever reason, I hope you will reconsider. I hope at least you are on the Telomere Edge Packs that came out a month after our book.
I give credit to Suzanne Somers for constantly reinventing herself and giving voice to the mid 60’s baby boom generation and for being on TA-65.  She is not the first famous person to do so – I can tell you that with 100% surety. But she is the first famous person courageous enough to come out and tell the world about the new telomere-based paradigm of staying younger and healthier longer.
That makes the work of some of us less famous souls a little biteasier.
Live long, live well, live fun and I hope it is all easy!
*You have to have been with me for at least 8 years to recognize all these. We don’t make some of them any more because, literally, we were too far ahead of our time to create a big enough market tosustain them!

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