TA-65 demonstrates superiority in a head to head trial

TA-65 Telomerase ActivatorI have said at least a dozen times, you need human studies to document the effect of something in humans!  While I freely admit there are probably a dozen or so compounds that turn on telomerase in the lab, TA-65 is the only one with human studies.

Recently an actual head to head study was released looking at the potency and biologic effects of TA-65 versus another reported telomerase activator.

Here is a summary of what they found – in cells from live people, not rats, not Petri dishes, not fruit flies:

*TA-65, but Not the other telomerase activator, Increased Telomerase Activity in All Donors’ T Cells during Primary and Secondary Stimulations.   This means that TA-65’s telomerase activity worked the first time and the last time and basically anytime, every time. It was reliable and repeatable; the other telomerase activator was not.

*Telomerase Activator TA-65, but not the other telomerase activator, Increases T Cells Proliferation.
T cells are your body’s defense against viral infections, cancer and other invaders. In previous studies TA-65 was demonstrated to decrease viral loads in AIDS patients and elderly people with a chronic virus known as CMV.  Activation of CMV is part of something known as the Immune Risk Profile and is pretty much a death sentence in older people. Again, TA-65 has proven to improve the immune response and decrease the viral titres.

*TA-65 increased Telomerase Activity in cells of all the participants anywhere from 30% to 300%; the other one did not.  This again shows the repeatable if variable nature of TA-65’s ability to turn on telomerase. Conversely it showed that smaller increases in telomerase activation were only shown in 30% of the study participants.

*This study showed that TA-65 rescues critically short telomeres, the drivers of cellular senescence (aging!). Other studies have shown it improves other measures of health such as glucose tolerance, osteoporosis and skin fitness and finally, restores the immune system (which I feel is the most important overall driver of aging and longevity) to a more youthful profile.

Bottom line: The other telomerase activator was not much of a telomerase activator.

If you are not on TA-65 and want to be, go here.

And remember, we wrote the book on Telomeres/Telomerase Activation: The Immortality Edge book.

If TA-65 is too much for you, then a great gateway product is the Telomere Edge Pack.

I do not claim it to be a telomerase activator because it has not been tested in humans, although several of its ingredients have shown activation in the lab. It’s a great Telomere Support Agent.

Through the efforts of myself and my co-authors, TA-65 is getting to be a household word. It works, it works all the time, every time and has several human studies including this latest one.

No one else can say that!


5 thoughts on “TA-65 demonstrates superiority in a head to head trial”

  1. Dear Dave

    My wife who is 85 was diagnosed with lung cancer stage 3 b 15 months ago and the oncologist felt that 2 years was a reasonable prognosis. she has received chemo and radiation. I decided to include TA 65 to help her immune system.

    She completed her last chemo series last week and her pet scan showed no tumor in the lung and one small 1 centimeter questionable node in the mediastinum.

    She will be under observation with no further treatment for 3 months. I am continuing to give her 2 capsules of TA 65 daily.

    Have you any suggestions?

    DR. Stan Hobish

    1. Stan I would go to 2 caps 2x a day, check her Omega 3 levels with the IdealOmega finger stick test (www.drdavesbest.com/Omega3_Test_Kit) and treat those with fish oil if necessary. Finally CoQ10 200 to 400 mg daily. Stay Well- She needs you! Dr Dave

    1. Peter, the most cost effective way to test your telomeres is to use the test that gives you the most valuable information. That test is the Life Length HT Q FISH assay developed by Maria Blasco. While this test is actually the most expensive, no other test reveals your critically short telomere level along with the usual median telomere length. Other tests may be cheaper but I consider them of extremely limited value in following one’s individual health since they lack this critical information. Personally, there is no other test I will do any more because of that fact. You can find out more by visiting Age Diagnostic Laboratories http://www.ADL.com
      Dr Dave

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