Body Power vs. Brain Power Raging Against the Night!

A recent discussion with someone on “Heart Math” and the number of nerve endings and nerves in the heart and brain made me realize how popular misconceptions get spread.

It is a misconception that the heart has more nerves than the brain no matter what the Big 3 say (BL, GB and JD). This will make sales and make them money because we do not like to hear certain things are beyond our control. It negates our power as individuals in a society that reveres individuals.

The Truth: The Brain has far more nerves than the heart and the nerves in the heart have nothing to do with thinking. While it is true that heart rate and blood pressure may anticipate in a semi clairvoyant way events that are about to happen this does not confer prescience to the heart or any other non cerebral organ system.

Another Truth (please notice the absence of personal pronouns such as “my” “their” “his” or “her” or any of the other dozens of now recognized genders) *We live in a world that is by nature chaotic and random*. Sometimes that randomness is not random but deliberate. A recent bevy of virus and vaccine related issues has shown that continuing alterations to the narrative. The narrative changes depending on where the advertising dollars go. Covid was displaced by the Russia/Ukraine war and now that has been displaced by the Row vs Wade “leak” which has not actually been established as fact.

No matter the swarm of scandal, bad behavior and bad news apparently keeps people’s rapt attention.

I can scream “You’re playing right into their hands!!!” as loudly as I want and it is not heard. Oft times it’s actually suppressed. The latest communique from my local medical authorities has also changed the narrative to include a very broad band of “dis” information including spreading mean things about Big Pharma, the vaccine, the level of threat of the virus and anything else that would actually be open to debate by honest, genuine intellect.

Einstein once said that he feared nuclear weapons far more than natural biologic threats because, “If there were a virus threatening our world the great scientific minds of the world would come together rapidly to offer a solution”.

Apparently, they all would for Pfizer and Moderna! But be careful I might be disinforming you.

Fact checking is a must these days as is an active intellect. And in spite of the railroad into simplistic do as you are told thinking; people actually can disagree agreeably although it is becoming rare and rarer as we convert true believers.’

Speaking of “True Believers” I highly recommend Eric Hoffer’s book of the same title. After you read it and only after, should you look at the publishing date. You will be shocked.

And speaking of beliefs and intellect, I have often told you about my “Secret Weapon”.

I have mentioned the clarity, cognitive empowerment, memory and creativity I have experienced using it. Given the transition of our society into an “Artificial” Intellect which I consider brain death, you might want to take advantage of said weaponry now and add it to your arsenal. It has been out of stock for quite some time now, and we just got a new shipment in – but mark my words, it will sell out again and the supply chain right now is atrocious! Stock up if you want to have it available!

Make no mistake there is a war going on. Whether you believe it is for the human soul, the freedom, of the individual, the ability to thrive and be economically independent or to combat misinformers like me, you need all the ammo you can get!!!

It’s still available as of this email and recently restocked.

It pains me greatly to even have to speak in these terms. Honestly, I did not anticipate the huge and almost obscene changes to reality that would be created and forced upon the individual.

All I can tell you is Dylan Thomas said it best:

Do not go gentle into that good night, Old age should burn and rave at close of day; Rage, rage against the dying of the light.”

I do not believe we are powerless, but there has to be a certain level of cooperation to return individual power and prowess to the individual. If one controls all information, it makes that very difficult so choose your sources based on your own common sense!

I also recommend you choose your battles wisely since the distraction level is at an all-time high.

First you must care for yourself and your health. That includes your cognitive ability!

More than ever, you need your Brain to navigate in the changing environment, especially if you are going to outsmart the people that forced it upon you with misinformation!

Dr Dave

*If you see a personal pronoun like “my” in front of the word Truth you are seeing someone who does not understand that truth is immutable. You are also seeing someone who is referring to another gigantic phony misconception: “Perception is reality!” That is not truth. Perception is perception and is interpreted through our senses. Those senses are very different among species for example. A more accurate statement would be: “Perception is Your Reality (or mine) understanding that the rug can be pulled out right quick!

This does not mean you have to become an ant to understand reality, universal law and truth. You just have to know the difference between perception and reality and use your common sense. Finally, consider the source and motivation and you’ll be well served!!!

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