The Driver

I had a very interesting epiphanyl moment I wanted to share with you.

One of the issues I see often among my aging patients, friends and clients is a lack of energy.

Truth be told I have occasionally experienced it myself.

I had always attributed it to “adrenal fatigue” among people. There are many things that contribute to that hypothesis that make a lot of sense.

Chief among them is the lifetime use of caffeine and other stimulants. As you can imagine in my doctor/patients this is ubiquitous. Sleep disruption is another one. Again, physicians and shift workers are especially vulnerable.

The use of alcohol as a soporific is another common trap.

But the problem was, when instituting the “cures” for adrenal fatigue most people seemed not to respond. Now any literature you read on adrenal burnout states that it takes years to recover. That alone reduces the likelihood of achieving good results. Most people just fall back into their usual habits because being tired all the time is untenable and frankly unlivable unless you are highly unmotivated.

Of course, those habits including stimulants just make the problem worse over time and eventually people are forced to seek other alternatives or just “live with it because they are getting older”.

The later is advice that most doctors give their patients about ANYTHING related to aging!

The more recently I release that the brain is the driver for everything!

I know that sounds like “well duh” but very few people will address it including doctors. Drugs like Adderall and Modafinil have huge unacceptable long term dependency and simply fry the brain even more.

So, what might you do if you suffer from this?

First you might address the issues with sleep. The mental and physical toll that poor sleep habits inflict is not recognized. As an aside I no longer make a prostate specific product but gentlemen if you are waking up to pee several times a night you are definitely disrupting your sleep! For the ladies, heat flashes and hormone induced sleep disruption are common after 50.

Because of the legal aspects of things, I need to direct you to your own doctor to seek reprieve from these problems. If they are not helpful seek someone who is!!!!

But I can address the driver- the brain!*

Among the many attributes of Brain Force 1 is the wonderful combination of elevation and calming. It may sound paradoxical but this is exactly what your brain, the driver of your body and your energy, needs to thrive.

I have mentioned the creativity I get from using it regularly but excess energy is not the goal. The high and low of caffeine are a perfect example. If you are left bereft of energy because of it, you are paying a price that cannot easily be made up.

Caffeine or no, Sweet Sleep at night for a time combined with 4-6 weeks of Energy X Maxx may show you great results in dealing with the ever creeping problem of fatigue.

A final note: If you are a high functioning driven individual then as you age you will actually be doing more than ever!!!! I can testify to this. With each new achievement and progress, we also experience what might be called “scope creep”! We expect more and more from ourselves without paying homage to the driver.

A short or several short naps are a great way to deal with the mental fatigue that of needs must ensure from your high achievement. No one is a machine and any attempt to be that way will lead your down the garden path of fatigue that worsens as time goes on.

Listen to your body and your brain and respect them!!!!

They are your allies not your combatants!

Dr Dave

*Adrenal Burnout and Adrenal Fatigue are indeed real problems. But I maintain that you can do much more for the central nervous system that also drives them including allowing appropriate rest. Plan your day according to your energy, not your time!!!

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