Walking Faster Slows Down Aging

As an anti-aging doc, I am always interested in ANY strategy that will slow the aging process especially if it also reduces disease risk.

Remember the 10,000 step rule? Well like most rules it had its “thought leaders” and pundits. And like most “rules” it turns out to be a guideline and pretty much unfounded. Since that time research that was not particularly pushed in front of the public showed that anywhere between 5000 and 7000 steps was also beneficial.

And now there is compelling evidence from the University of Leicester (pronounced LI Ster) that simply walking briskly is what you need. This equates to a walking speed of 3.4 mph or about 100 steps a minute. This is subject to age and fitness levels of course.

How long? 10-20 minutes is enough!

The study looked at telomere length as a determinant of longevity and disease resistance.

Now there are 2 caveats:

The study looked at genetic markers in people who “reported” a LIFETIME of brisk walking. So, Start Now!

Next the study compared the longer lived participants to sedentary counterparts. This is often the case. Telomeres are used in 2 groups without a base line and the conclusion is “the exercise group lengthened their telomeres”. Wrong!!!!! The exercise group has longer telomeres which most probably came from slowing down telomere loss as opposed to actually lengthening them.

I’ve pointed this out numerous times in the literature but it still gets reported this way and it ain’t the same thing at all.

If you want to lengthen your telomeres you have to facilitate the enzyme TELOMERASE which is normally turned off. If you want to turn it on you need a Telomerase Activator such as Telokynase 2.0 often used in conjunction with the Immortality Edge Packs

Remember more is still better in this case so combining brisk walking with the activators is a really good idea.

Lifestyle modifications are still a cornerstone in anti-aging therapy!

See you after my walk!*

Dr Dave

*Some folks have asked if I still run ultra marathons. It was an exploration of what my body could do rather than what I expect of it on a regular basis. So, I do not. Long limbed, close to 200 pounds and fairly muscular do not make for good long term effects in a person running those lengths so I limit my distance these days and often do walk/runs where half the distance is brisk walking and half is running. It’s much easier on my joints and I can go quite long in a decent amount of time without accumulating the damage that those long, long distance runs used to inflict. I can also do the runs as high intensity sprints. For those of you who wish to pursue ultra running on a long term basis know this: You will have to get ultra lean and stay that way. That means minimal muscle mass especially upper body. Know also that you body, if you listen will tell you the sweet spot you need for the balance of cardio fitness and health. Hint it’s not 50 mile runs!!!!

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