I’m Sharing a Secret From My Coaching Program

As you may know I restarted my coaching programs back in early October and have been going ever since.

I am about to release my updated version very soon. This will be a 3-tiered version of “Breaking the Chains-Thrive Now!!!”

It will include 3 main tiers including an inexpensive version that is accessible to just about everyone! Of course, the Platinum Tribe and Ultra Tribe Personal Coaching will still be available.

I’m just putting the finishing touches on the Cyber Security aspects of things so we should be launching within 2 weeks.

Stay tuned and do Pay Attention because as in the past the limited amount of space is sure to be occupied by others very quickly!

But today I have a freebie that I want to share with you.

This has to do with how people learn and it is a central element in all of my teaching, coaching and mentorship whether personal, small group or larger groups.

You may have heard of the concept of “Circadian Rhythm”. This has been around for a long time and refers to the 24 hour clock of the body. It is much more than just asleep and awake cycles. It pertains to hormones, emotions, metabolism, nutrition, sex, and one few people talk about- how to learn, think and solve problems. It is also very much related to the development of what many people call “magical” powers or spiritual connections.

I delve into all of that in the high level personal coaching but for today just know that all those rhythms actually exist.

The changing of seasons that some of us are experiencing right now is the simplest example of how all natural law follows rhythms as well

As an aside it is also very much a part of Universal Law, Sacred Geometry and the very fabric of consciousness and matter.

But today I want to focus on simply using it to learn.

The human mind does best when it is amused, moderately challenged and deeply passionate about something. The concept of doing or at least trying to make everything you do fun or at least interesting is at the core of this concept.

This is what some people refer to as “emotional learning”. As a dyed in the wool Empath this type of learning comes natural to me but not too many others. Narcissists are totally incapable of it which is why you will find them attaching to empaths and copying or simple stealing their ideas.

Fortunately, there are far more normal people who can simply be taught how to access this part of their learning curve since they actually have these traits available. If you have ever wondered or marveled at how some people never seem to be “working” it’s because they are emotionally motivated during their learning and creating. I teach all of this but a very simple every day everyone tactic is this:

Limit your learning sessions to a comfortable amount of time and then intersperse breaks. The time is individual but 90 minutes is the maximum and for me personally about 30 minutes too long! The breaks can and should be short- 5-10 minutes max.

This is known as Ultradian Rhythm or Ultradian Learning.

You do not want to lose track of your thoughts or your momentum so short breaks are the key. Change your surroundings, walk outside, walk into the kitchen do a few pushups etc. but change it up and allow your mind to settle.

A while back they were actually selling “Pomodoro” productivity clocks that had a timer that went off every 25 minutes. I think this is too restrictive but the actual amount of time does vary from person to person.

Another key phrase to remember is “If you want to teach them nothing teach them everything!” If you remember the heady days of weekend long seminars this was often the case.

Today’s final tip is CHEAT!

Yep! I mean that.

Several years ago, I invented a “brain substrate” compound that is designed to do just that- Rev up your brain so learning, creativity, and memory and yes, even some of that woo woo stuff I alluded to* above happens more naturally. Brain Force 1 has been an indispensable helper in my never-ending quest for self-improvement and creativity.

I live for my next wonderful creation while I relish the things I have brought to this earth.

It would be a better world if I can get you there as well, I promise!!!

If that sounds like your next step well then do these 2 things: First get ahold of 2 bottles of Brain Force 1 and take it daily for 2 months.

Second join one of my upcoming coaching classes and watch the things you have always wanted to happen but never got to, happen in “magical fashion”!

Here’s to a “magical” life!

Dr. Dave

*Please be aware I am not making religious statements or invoking dangerous or evil powers. I am exactly the opposite of all that. I simply believe, have seen and am willing to share what I consider HUMAN abilities that have been lost or suppressed with you! The choice is YOURS!

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