You Versus the Goldfish

I have to admit that this one is a bit tongue in cheek. I am also wondering if that phrase is even used any more or if I am simply showing my age lol.

In any case, if you are wondering what you and a goldfish have in common bear with me and all will be revealed.

First, let me say I am acutely aware of people saying things with conviction and convincing others simply by the force of their words. I am also aware that some of these people have good intentions, are lazy or are running a façade that they are not even aware of because of a personality disorder.

All those things aside one of my favorite BS nonsensical “how the hell could you possibly know that!’ is: “90% of billionaires practice gratitude daily!” This is the kind absolute nonsense and hogwash that is constantly spouted and sprouted by self help authors and Instagram gurus.

Here is what I know:

I know exactly 2 billionaires and that is probably 2 more than the author of the self-help book containing the above statement. Now there are probably plenty of decent billionaires but these two are avowed narcissists who are only concerned in using and abusing the “little folk beneath” them. Money is their only concern and their only value judgement. I will not even begin to tell you the horrifying request one of them made of me under the guise of stem cell science. It left me slack jawed and absolutely convinced to run the other way and never speak to him (yes it was a him) again.

That aside here are some other facts:

  1. Billionaires do not talk to self help authors because there is nothing in it for them
  2. Billionaires do not talk to self-help authors because they are way too busy managing their empires and their subjects that help them run said empires
  3. Billionaires do not answer questionnaires about any topics at all ever unless it is to foster their image, their reach or their income directly or indirectly. That is why they are billionaires.
  4. IF you tried to track down the original of the above statement you would find that it exists as a “I heard tell that” statement on someone’s web site somewhere and was simply accepted as fact repeated and now is urban legend.
  5. If there was ever such a survey how many billionaires did they actually interview and how did they get access. These people are not exactly accessible!!! Does the remote possibility that one billionaire may have said it to someone just to get them off their back and look more human exist? Yes, but again that is remote.
  6. The one thing I can tell you that the few Billionaires I actually know have is laser like focus and presence when it comes to making what they want happen.
  7. I applaud and try to practice gratitude daily for the magical life I have been given AND the chance to share it with YOU!

Simply put that statement is likely to be absolute BS where neither the author nor their audience thought to question its veracity.

Which brings us to attention span.

I recently read the following amazing statement: Comparing the attention span of a goldfish to that of a human, the goldfish can hold its fixed attention for 9 seconds, a human for 8.7, therefore the goldfish wins and beats most of us.

Now again I have no idea how they measured the attention span of a goldfish or what one charges for such a skill set, but my childhood recollection is that “Peaches” my dear long lived goldfish companion could indeed stare at me lovingly for upwards of 30 seconds. He won the staring contest most days.

But there is actually a huge message for all the things that YOU DO want to achieve in your life. And I do mean ALL things.

Thus begins my sharing of a few tips on how to do, be and if you choose, have more (or less for that matter)!

When there is an excess of one thing there is a surfeit of another (google it!). If you are bombarded by anti-social social media, bad news media, impending fear doom and gloom, you will be constantly over stimulated, addicted to that simulation and never ever ever have any real control of your life.

And you are TOLD what to think and what is acceptable by people who are masters a slipping accountability!

You will have been limited by the lower natures of the human condition. Tribalism, fear and lack based emotional thinking and willingness to do what you are told by “authorities” many of whom have the same personality disorder mentioned above!

Focus is a practice and it takes discipline and even scheduling. How about discipline in scheduling? This means that when the allotted time for you to achieve/do or listen to what you have focused on is done you politely but firmly excuse yourself from that thing, person or even yourself in need be.

Or at the very least you ask the question from the logical perspective: “Is the cost of this thing, activity person worth the price of not only my precious time, but my even more precious energy!?!?

That may sound mercenary but be advised as a dyed in the wool Empath there are plenty of people who will abuse you, your time, and your energy for their own sake without any return for you.

Selfishness simply means “Sense of Self”. I encourage you to embrace that definition for yourself. It’s OK to use the modern definition for everyone else that suits it, but you need to spend as much time being you as you can.

Now I do have a secret weapon, one which I have told you about before..

BF1 was designed to provide the raw materials of thinking- literally providing the background for you to exercise your mental muscle without fatigue, without doubt and without distraction. I recommend it as a daily for you if you feel like you can’t stay focused enough to get things done or are easily distracted by things that do not add to your life.

Naturally I cover this in my current and upcoming coaching courses in great detail, but for now you can get a piece of it here and start improving Right Now!!!

Here’s to everything you can be!

Dr. Dave

PS: A side benefit is you need never lose another staring contest with your pet goldfish again!

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