Cellular Health- The Essence of Longevity?!

As we launch into Spring and Summer let me remind you of my upcoming coaching program which is slated to launch in just a few weeks in early May!

Without spilling the beans there will be something extra for everyone although the basic topics will be Health Span and Life Span and how to achieve them both.

Look for more announcements- I am super excited about this next class and all the new great info I can share with you.

Today I want to give you just a tiny piece of that info and cover something blandly called cellular health.

But let me start off with a bit of naysaying just so you know I am being 100% honest and clear with you and your expectations.

I am not paraphrasing here these are actual emails I have received:

“Doc love your work but I hate it when you BS! We both know you cannot guarantee I will live longer, the only things that do that are fasting and calorie restriction.”

“What medical school let you out on the world! How can you possibly say we can live longer when that is not in our hands!!!”

“Why would I ever want to live longer- look at what happens to people when they get old! I’d rather die younger healthier and happier!”

I will leave it at those 3 since they pretty much sum up the hundreds of similar emails I get.

Here are my points for you to consider:

  1. I will never tell you YOU ARE going to live longer. I never have! I can tell you statistically it is indeed possible that you CAN and we are living in that era where “buying runway” is possible. More on that later but first you have to understand the concept of probability. If you do nothing different than your parents or previous generations odds are you might live about 2-4 years longer provided you were not born after the year 2000 when the increased rate of suicides skews the curves. Need I remind you of the effect Covid has had on accelerating those numbers! <<<< covid kit>>>>>
  2. Nothing has been shown to extend HUMAN longevity so far. The biggest reason is we are not born with expiration dates stamped on our foreheads so no one really knows that answer! There are no interventions including calorie restriction (which in point of fact seems merely to add metabolic health if it’s done in concert with reduced processed carbohydrate consumption. So far, the that is the best you can hope for and that is no mean feat! Better health span is probably linked to longer life but in point of fact most people would express the desire to “live well and wake up dead!” meaning live a very long healthy productive and fun life and then experience a minimal but rapid decline into death. That is how I answer #3 above. NO ONE can guarantee you a longer life and no one knows what is in store for you in terms of accidental deaths which are still a big thing, but odds are if you make it past 40 you are on the curve for an average life span and health span UNLESS and UNTIL you do something very different. I think lengthening telomers is one of those things. IN fact I think it’s the main thing!!!
  3. That difference can be summed up as taking care of your Cellular Health, and there are numerous studies in human and animal cell lines that show increased cellular longevity and health by lengthening telomeres.

I have recently added the effects on stem cell markers to my latest iteration of Telokynase, my purpose build unique and patented telomerase activator. I am showing the longevity effects on the CD (cluster differentiation markers) on the surface of human stem cell lines to show how the compound affects “stemness” the ability of stem cells to regenerate and become whatever new tissues might be needed. This is in my opinion the crux of telomerase activation- keeping your parts depot young and healthy longer.

As I have mentioned in the past it’s also critical to a healthy immune system- something that should be of concern to you in these virally prevalent times!!!!

The effects on somatic or body cells are similar and we are in the process of documenting that beyond a shadow of a doubt but it is merely the other half of the telomerase activation coin.

Improving your cellular health is the only thing that has been proven with telomerase activation and is the only thing than has lengthened telomerase and life span.

If you think buying runway is a good idea then order Telokynase now. We are well and truly through the last batch and while I expect to have more in about 2-3 weeks these times have proven uncertain in delivery dates.

That is my 100% honest treatise on the “can you live longer and better” question.

I’d like both of us to be around for that answer!!!!


PS Many people have told me I don’t “look my age”! I don’t act it either. There are some interesting twin studies that show that the younger looking twin has longer telomeres and tends to live longer than the older looking twin. This is not always the case as you can age facially by spending a lot of time in the sun and you can “have work” done to your face, but the rest of your body will show it. Mind does not. Still its an indicator I am “aging well” not a guarantee against aging or dying young from any cause. I’m doing exactly what is needed to buy runway. You can do the same <<< telokynase>>>>.

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