The Key to Enhanced Productivity-The Role of Dreaming

It’s always interesting to me to see the newest and greatest from the best and brightest.

Innovation often comes in the form of entertainment these days and I honestly have to tell you it makes me wonder. I look at life and time as a finite resource in spite of the fact that I expect I will live a good long time and be reasonably healthy compared to many.

That is an assumption but given what I do, and what I take it’s statistically valid. I have honestly never felt that I have “time to waste”. So I am often critical of the way people I care about spend their time if it is non productive.

That said I’ll be the first to admit that I cannot work endlessly or stay focused forever on a single item or a few things. And as you will see a bit later in this email, one man’s trash is another man’s fortune!

Entertainment is a wonderful thing and can actually stimulate creativity if it gets you to look at things differently. The “older” I get chronologically, if not biologically, the more I need entertainment breaks.

But I am very fortunate in that I do not have what some people would call an addictive personality. I can only do something so long before I need to pause and look or think about something else.

Which brings me to the single most important tool I use and YOU NEED to get the things done in the time you have.

It’s called focus!

And it is the key to enhanced productivity.

The first thing about focus is you have to know how long and how much you can normally devote.

External demands like work and family may intercede. Some days it may be more than others. And, if you are like me you are fractal or “wavelike” in your creativity.

Knowing all that does not help me all that much when I HAVE to get something done.

Here’s the funny thing. Having to do something strikes most people as an obligation. But if you set it up right either by making it fun, or simply because it comes from your heart, your core of being you HAVE to do it as well!

Like writing You this email!

It’s a lot more fun to do something because of this “HAVE TO” than the one that comes from being forced by obligation.

Like doing your taxes!

I’m not sure that will ever be fun!!!

But when I woke up this morning I actually had a dream that told me I had to write to you with this email. I won’t bore you with the dream now. It’s in the PS section if you want to read about it,

And let’s just say part of it created the need to remind you and me about what we need to do to improve our brain power so that it matches our longevity!

So, want to tell you about the tool I have created to make all the Have to’s easier by helping you focus.
It’s called Brain Force One.

You may remember my original formula “Instant Einstein”. Well Brain Force One is the updated annotated supercharged version of that product. And its not just a rewrite- it contains totally different ingredients.

I designed it to help you with cognition (Brain Force!!!) It may also help keep you calm under stress.

To paraphrase Frank Herbert, author of Dune, stress is the mind killer!

Now I use 2 caps of Brain Force One every day even when I am not under the gun to get things done. I always need to focus! When there is a big project or one that has major consequences and I cannot afford to wander, I up the dose to 6 a day.

I loved my old Instant Einstein but I love this even better!

And it is considerably less expensive because we do not have to import so many of the ingredients.

So, if you need to create, need to remember, need to produce and want to have support for a healthy brain now and in the future remember to take your Brain Force One.

Get it now! And get things done.


PS in case you were wondering about the dream here it is. This is where it gets personal so fasten your seat belts but remember this was a DREAM!

The dream was that I was enrolled in a psychology class and the teacher ironically was in real life one of my favorite Yoginis I’ll call Bri. Bri lives her truth in totality, and I admire her deeply for it, but it is not my truth.

I remember I had a conversation with her explaining that to me that at the time she was teaching me I viewed Yoga as “Eastern Calisthenics”. I readily acknowledged that I would be considered ignorant by many Yoga devotees. I readily acknowledge that there is far far more to it than my interpretation and that for some people it is truly a path of life or a huge part of theirs.

I also acknowledge that there will come a time in my life where it assumes a much bigger role.

Just not yet.

Now you may be wondering “OK Doc, what does any of this have to do with focus?!”

Well back to the dream. Bri was administering a psychology test and I failed it.

The first thing you need to understand is I do not fail tests! Especially standardized tests!

There was a note explaining that my teacher wanted to see me to discuss my results. She explained that I must have accidently skipped a few questions and put the correct answers into the incorrect locations. Gotten out of synch, so to speak.

She knew I should have passed.

Personally, I knew this was not the case. What had happened was the questions were tricky. Instead of say, listing the causes of something, they were worded in a “which of the following are not causes of” fashion.

I simply didn’t read the question.

I had lost focus because I did not want to devote the time and energy needed to take this test seriously. I had just finished a much harder deliberately deceptive test known as the Internal Medicine Boards and was in no mood to treat this test with that level of focus.

Has this ever happened to you?

You create so much dread and distaste for something you just don’t give a rat’s you know what and get angry that you even have to deal with it? The more control you are used to exercising in your life the more likely it is to happen to you because you hate being put in a situation where you are forced to do something stupid.

Like your taxes!

But the dream brought out another key to focus is to remove all distaste and at least be neutral about a task. If you can make it “fun” that is even better. My dream reminded me that if I am judgmental going in my results will not be good and I will not be able to focus.

It also reminded me not to be judgmental about what other people consider important.

I guess I should go do my taxes now- LOL.

Hope you learn from my dream!

Dr. Dave

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