Hacking Aging

I recently wrote to you about how short telomeres worsen the chances of severe Covid reactions and even of just getting Covid.

I hope the simple equation of not dying is something you can equate to longevity! You’d be surprised at how many people do not equate risk management to living longer. Taking all the telomerase activators in the world will not improve your chances in a motor vehicle accident if you drive dangerously!

But rather than all of the things that can “get you” I’d like to focus on what gets most people- AGING.

It’s still a stretch for most doctors to admit that telomere length is directly and indirectly related to things like heart disease, auto immune disease, diabetes, immune dysfunction (a biggie!) and other vascular problems that still account for far more deaths than Covid.

This whole topic was brought home to roost by something I recently saw on social media. Generally, I don’t bother much with it so when something obvious shows up it catches my attention.

He was a 42 year old world famous author fitness buff and currently the guru du jour on all things that people want to spend money on: sex, fitness, wealth, positive thinking and so on. Much loved, photogenic, and hugely supported by hidden marketing budgets this guy is currently on top of the world.

And better yet, who ever writes his books gives good info and compelling stories!

And now he has “hacked” aging. Showing my age (20+ years older than this gentleman) I immediately recoiled at the term hacking. You see a hacker was someone who was an amateur and who held lower standards in my day.

Now it stands for “Knowing Secret Short Cuts”.

So, can you “Hack” again.

You can if you do the following:

1) Believe that being 42 years old qualifies you as an expert on aging. Personally, I’d wait ‘til someone is in their 60’s to judge simply because all the outliers, and cosmetics can’t hide what’s really going on at that age!

2) Understand the power of positive thinking and hope. If you are in your 40’s and starting to fail you HAD BETTER start paying attention and looking for real info.

3) Have access to cutting edge info and cutting edge facilities. Most marketing gurus will talk epigenetics and mitophagy and stem cells without having any real understanding or knowledge – they are merely parroting back what someone like me has told them

4) Do or have access to cutting edge research done by a credible person who actually tries the therapies on themselves. As a reminder I am a partner in a stem cell clinic and have developed several patent pending formulas with my own scientists and lab. Telokynase and the Immortality Edge Packs are the crown jewels but more are on the way and very, very soon!

5) You get your info from people who actually do look, act, and become younger than their stated age. It’s easy to walk the walk when you are young! Even better if they’ve been doing it for more than two decades. As a side note I was one of the first 30 people to be certified by the American Medical Association in Age Management Medicine way back in 2003. That is a lot of experience you simply cannot “hack”.

6) You turn back your Biologic Time Clocks with Telomerase Activation and stem cell “Youthing” I have posted the data on Telokynase that shows it preserves the surface markers of all important stem cells – what I call “The Army of Regeneration”. This is how you “Buy Runway” for the next big thing that will be invented and available in the future. Arrive in good shape and you can get younger right away instead of having to reverse the cumulative damage you’ve done!!!

Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine is my life long passion

I have spent hundreds of hours in research that only MDs and PhD’s can do. Sorry, that is just a fact – I’m not a wanna be, I’m as real as they get! I have spent 7 figures on my own research and been my own guinea pig for the past 21 years. You can judge how I’m doing from my own IG posts if you so choose.

I begrudge no one their moment of fame and time in the sun. Lord knows even with the amazing things we can do we may still want MORE life! But I can tell you this: Long after the marketing hype is gone, I will still be here.

Creating inventing and bringing meaningful and proven inventions that I have piloted myself and used first to prove it!!! Because this is more important to me than becoming rich and famous, I will continue to fund my own research so we BOTH can benefit from it.

I am grateful to all the new faces for calling attention to the field and I hope they can age half as well as I have, and you have by using my stuff!!!

When I was 40, I was far more afraid of 80 than I am now! Wishing you the same!

Dr Dave

P.S. No, you cannot hack aging. Staying Young is a lifestyle and a complete one! It requires the right kind of diet, exercise, supplements medical interventions if needed, and continued curiosity dedication, and discernment. I cannot tell you how many people I’ve met in their 70’s and 80’s who, having money throw the kitchen sink and use everything much of which is redundant and not useful if not downright harmful. I understand that life gets much more precious when there is less of it to waste- more than most people. I have seen people lose loved ones way too young and still live with the same poor judgments and mistakes they had before- unwilling or unable to see what they are running from and more accurately rushing to! My next coaching classes will start soon after the current one ends. Look for it mid to late March. This is as close to “hacking” aging as you can get direct from the Source!!!

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  1. Hey Dr Dave , I love this article on hacking ageing , once we hit our 60’s the effects of the previous 40 years will show the truth. As a longevity researcher and author I have proven that the holistic lifestyle combined with science does work in slowing down ageing . I spent 43 yrs living it, Tohe industry for many has become all about money and ego, and many talking about it don’t walk their talk. Keep up the good work Sonia

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