The Inevitable BS Backlash

A few weeks ago I told you about the largest study ever done with omega 3 fatty acid.

That study was funded and run by AARP and NIH and showed massive reductions in all diseases of aging including heart disease and cancer.

The same week the slightly modified form of EPA known as Vascepa reduced heart disease better than statins and with or without statins.

This week comes the inevitable back lash from the American Heart Association stating Fish oil no good for heart disease.

By now you should know the drill: use a low basically meaningless dose of Omega 3 to deliberately sabotage the results. Amusingly in this study there WAS a 28% reduction in heart disease end points but the study stated that Omega 3 supplementation did not meet the end points set in the study.

Gee that is about 4X fewer heart attacks than statins in the same group type of patients so I have to wonder what the “endpoint” really was!!

I won’t bludgeon you with more explanations you’ve seen it all before.

Simply put this study is TOTAL BS, misinformation and not worth the ink and paper it takes up.

But it should tell you there is an agenda here (as I have said before) to discredit Omega 3’s as useful for anything,. The beat will go on but its all fueled by Big Pharma money with complicity from the regulatory agency and paid scientists.

Paid to create BS- what a great job. I just don’t understand why people spend 8 years on a degree if that is all they are going to do with it.

Take your fish oil and don’t succumb to BS!


Reference: Vital Study

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