The Missing Secret of Achievement

The Missing Secret of Achievement

The more time I spend on this planet and the more people I meet the more I recognize the Principle of Yin and Yang.

On a macro level I interpret it to mean that there is always a balance between things. All things!

That means work, play, love, grief, anger, focus, spaciness, doing and not doing etc.

When there is more of one thing there needs must be a lack of other, its opposite.

Of all the things that seem to be out of balance right now I would boil it down to one thing: Too much stimulation/distraction and not enough attention.

I was reminded of this recently while lamenting how few people seem read my emails these days. IN discussing it with a market savy person I was told what was wrong.

The answer was irrefutable!

They are TOO LONG!

People want bullet points only- because they are too busy. Of course, the next question was, “Too busy doing what?!”  Has life really gotten that busy or is it just perception?

You’ve heard me plaster some New Age beloved sayings in the past. I despise the recent trend to use a personal pronoun before the word “Truth” as if something that really happened and affected people directly is open to interpretation. The motivating factors or reasons why something happened do not change what it does to people!

Another personal favorite: “Perception is Reality!”  BS!!! This IS where a personal pronoun IS required: “Perception is Your Reality!” But the reality of it is that reality doesn’t care about your interpretation. If your bank account is draining because of inflation you are not going to be able to meditate your way to wealth. Action will be required.

So, what about stimulation/distraction?

 Every “new” technology is a distraction. You must learn the language of it and the physical steps to using it. Some people love this. To others it’s a waste of time and the old way of doing things is more reliable.

That must be your choice but I urge you not to accept something simply because it is new. Odds are it will get old in this society very quickly and drop by the way side in favor of something else.

That is fine if none of this is interfering with what benefits you.

Those things, like eating, sleeping, exercising, and spending time with the people you love, need still to be priorities if you are going to get things done and be balanced enough to feel in some control of your life.

Otherwise, you will just be chasing the next technological dopamine rush and getting less and less done because you are too busy!

Its just a question of priorities. If entertainment is a priority, you can find a ton of things to use up most of your day.

If achievement is a priority, you can make those things priorities.

In the end-run focus is the critical factor.

I make an amazing supplement to help you with focus. Its called Brain Force 1. The ingredients act as substrates for your brain function so when you do prioritize something it gets the focus it deserves.

It also tends to smooth out the emotional highs and lows so you can be rational in your excitement!

Pretty cool, no?

Everything I make is to solve a problem.

In my opinion the excess of stimulation and the tendency to find and exploit addictive behaviors in EVERYONE is a huge unaddressed problem. This violates the Yin and Yang principle of balance- a Universal Law.  Anything that violates universal law is not going to end well!

Brain Force 1 can help in this balancing act- a lot!

Here’s to a balanced, enjoyable, productive day!

Dr Dave

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