Accelerants of Aging

Today’s email could also be called; “You Need It All The Time”

I’m not sure many people know the cycle of my expertise.

I’ve said many times, I only know about a few things but in those few things I am an expert of world class caliber.

Those “things” would include: Aging, Telomeres, Stem Cells, Omega 3’s (fish oil) Ketogenic Diets, Fitness and Exercise.

The last time I wrote to you about Telomeres I include a rather striking improvement in telomere length equivalent to 20 years of “de aging” in one of my long term Telokynase users.  Greg T. had been on it for 2 years. Prior to that he was taking the “gold standard” supplement for TA activation in people over 65.  Greg is not that old but in his wisdom, he elected to head of aging at the pass so to speak.

The response from my readership was a collective yawn!

I’m not sure if it’s because the economy sucks, the war in Europe, the media generated fear over “new” viruses, or just the general overall malaise of the population in response to the ridiculousness of the “new normal”.

But I think some of you must still be interested in staying younger and lengthening you Telomeres so here goes.

I wrote (along with 2 co -authors) a book on telomeres called “The Immortality Edge” back in 2010.

Rather than being met with excitement most of what I got comment wise was a raft of ShxT.

It was pretty much, “ How dare you intervene in a natural process and where did you get all this information”.

Hey, you wanna get old before your time go ahead. Who told you aging the way we do now dying around 80 years was “natural” when your DNA should last 120 years!

As far as the data I made friends with a few of the highest level researchers in the field. They gave me early access to their findings under the stipulation I would not disclose the particulars of their work before it was published in peer reviewed medical journals.

As a result over the next 5 years or so everything I said in the book and in my emails to your was shown to be factual and true. Do you want to know how many apologies I got for the nasty comments?

If you said ZERO you win the contest.  Everyone felt justified placing anonymous slings and arrows but never bothered to follow up on whether THEY were right.  See the “new normal” started a long time ago.

But I digress into history.

I want to disclose another fact about telomeres, which are the biologic time clocks of the cell and determine in a huge way how long the cell (and thus in toto, YOU) live and age(s).

There are 3 things that shorten telomeres:

  1. Cellular replication. It’s a know fact that with the exception of the heart and brain, the body undergoes total cellular replacement over a 7 year time frame.  Given the billions of cells in your body, that means at any given time millions are dying off and being replaced.  Add stress, poor diet, toxins, drugs, alcohol, lack of sleep and any number of other accelerants of aging and that number goes up. Each time the cell replicates, you Telomeres get shorter and closer to death!

In a very real sense this is due to aging. The older you get the more times the cells have to replicate, although they don’t always do this!

  • Free Radical Oxidation: Think of this as “body rust”. Free radicals damage all cellular components especially Telomeres.  In fact, Telomeres are especially sensitive to this kind of damage during cellular replication, when you need them the most! It has to do with their actual structure containing (Guanine Repeats) a building block that is extra sensitive to free radicals

This is why I make the Immortality Edge Packs!

  • Lack of Telomerase:  In spite of all the articles showing various life style changes can increase telomere length, the only thing that really can is something that turns on telomerase. Since all those other studies did not have an accurate baseline and/or used poor testing modalities they do not really show “lengthening”. The show slowing down of loss. Not a bad thing but not at all the same as lengthening your telomeres!

Simply out the lack of telomerase will prematurely age your cells particularly those that replicate often like skin, GI tract, vascular lining cells (think cholesterol plaques) and immune cells. Look at that last comment on immune cells. It was not rocket science that Cvid and other viruses would accelerate telomere loss and aging! I said it but it took someone to do the study 3 years later before it was accepted.

Bottom line: Lack of telomerase accelerates aging INDEPENDENTLY of telomere length (which also accelerates aging when they become too short).

I showed you the data on Greg T’s huge increase in telomere length. Keep in mind this was due to Telokynase and not any other supplement.

I also post the effect of Telokynase on keeping Stem Cells more stem like longer- something no one else has shown with any supplement. This is on the web site an has been for a year and half.

We are living in a time when you can impact on how well you age. We are living in a time when you can turn on telomerase. We are living in a time when we can slow down the aging process in our cells including our stem cells (yes contrary to popular belief they DO AGE!)

We are also living in a time where you have access to a purpose built Free Radical Inhibitor designed to protect your telomeres.

I’ve always been astounded that people don’t take more interest in aging and what can be done about it.

When I polled my audience a while back there were 2 main reasons: 1) They didn’t believe it was possible to intervene especially if there were no prescription anti-aging drugs! So, you really trust Big Pharma after the past 3 years!!!! 2) Telokynase was too expensive.

I know its an expensive supplement but relatively speaking the Immortality Edge Packs are not, and they can still help a lot!  The other thing I asked these same people who had sticker shock was, “How much do you spend on cable and cell phones and their services.  Universally that was well over $1000 a year. For some it was many times that much. I guess entertainment is more important than health, wellness and longevity!

Welcome to the new normal Dr Dave!

Still Holding On to the Old Values which are bound to come around again and be touted as “new” lol.


PS also huge related discoveries: The telomere actually does code for a protein that helps with its own maintenance. Prior to January of this year it was stated that telomeres are “Non Coding”. Big Stuff in my world but I suppose just a yawn for most!

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