Days of Future Past- The Ketogenic Diet Part 2

Dear Friend,

If you are brand new to the site and my writing you might be interested in knowing I started online in 2002.  Since that time I have sent out over 17,000 informational emails, over 6000 blogs and long before it “took” dozens of Podcasts.

Some of what I wrote is comical to read now and some of it is, well, sorely in need of updating, because things DO change!

But some of it is spot on and if anything “more true” than ever.

Back in 2012 I started writing about high fat low carb diets known also as Ketogenic Diets.  When it was all said and done there were 14 very info packed blogs on the topic containing some very personal information.

Now that Keto is big business and all the usual suspects have joined in I thought you might enjoy reading some of the original series.  I have only published one of the 14 so far but today that changes and number 2 comes out!

Click here to read the second post!

I will be re doing and re sending the rest over the next few weeks but each one builds upon the other.

Oh yeah!  One thing I should also mention, these are totally informational and do not pitch any products, so make sure you stock up on your fish oil !

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