The Bigness of Little Choices

A while back I wrote you an email which basically stated, “You are the sum total of your habits”.

Today’s email is a little more succinct but it points to how you live your life every day, and the choices you make.

We tend to measure our lives in terms of large events- education choices, partner choices, career choices, financial choices, but what about health choices.

I am not a big believer in conspiracy theories but whoever decided to create the medical industrial complex that controls the health of the country, controls insurance and controls the cost and distribution of prescription drugs and almost by default controls science sure knew what they were doing.

You and I would most likely never go down that pathway and wouldn’t want to. So, why are we so willing to buy into what is being sold there and give up the power of choice?

There are some good reasons like years of studying, degrees conferred by the Great White Coats in the Ivory Towers that all professions sooner or tumble to.

Having done those things for a large portion of my life I can promise you, it is not enough and it never will be.

So I am asking you to make a choice.

It’s a little choice that magnified over days and years can make a huge difference in your life.

Make the choice to follow the recommendations of The Immortality Edge 7 long years ago.

I can tell you that if you started then, you would be so far ahead of the game its not funny, You would feel younger, stronger, smarter and better.

But the same thing can happen if you start now.

Start here.

Then go here.

Then plan your exercise routines for the week and do some grocery shopping.

Yes, you, personally, go shop for what you are going to put in your body. What a concept!  By the way I do all my own grocery shopping- most of it a local farms. It is time well spent!!!!

These small choices add up over the years like compound interest used to when you actually made interest from the bank!

This is one thing that will not change as long as we are human.

Start now and reap the rewards when they count the most- down the road!



PS In an ironic twist the new Blood Pressure guidelines that I discussed with you months ago have been released a day or two ago. 130/80 is now the cut off for High Blood Pressure. You can bet I will have something to say about this again in the near future.

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