Shiny Hair and Hard Nails

One of the questions I get often pertains to the quality of hair and nails. And I have to tell you it’s not just the ladies who complain about the lost sheen of their mane and the fragile nails that seem to come in the 40’s and 50’s!

Well here are a few tips to maximize those areas that command so much good or bad attention!

First, remember these are proteins and so your protein intake has to be reasonable.

The usual ½ gram per pound of body weight will suffice if you are young and more or less sedentary but if you are aging and active you should double it.

Sleep believe it or not is critical for this as well (and a ton of other stuff!) since most damage control and protein synthesis takes place at night time often while we sleep!

This is my cue to tell you about and upcoming sleep product that as with all of my latest and greatest is an improvement on prior formulations. Without being too cryptic, it should be available during the upcoming holiday season. The test batches have been run, the bottles selected and now we are debating the label appearance which is frankly an lol moment to me!

Either way sleep is critical to protein synthesis so if you are not getting much you are hurting your appearance and your muscle mass.

Finally, oil and the critical basic vitamins.

If you are not eating as well as you’d like and not getting your basic daily vites, I have a show stopper for you with my new Young Life Daily. Completely redesigned and upgraded from the old products this one will add additional coverage to any gaps you may have in your nutrition.

As far as oil, well you know where this is going. Fish oil!!! and for good reason.

The Omega 3’s are so critical for cellular function, hormone balance, inflammation reduction and yes, repair and rejuvenation. There are even intracellular derivatives of fish oil called Resolvins and Protectins, which unlike most scientifically named molecules, actually do what they are named after!

So, understanding that you want to look good for the holidays, and understanding that you want to feel good for the holidays, get some Young Life Daily and Ultra Potent Fish Oil and start them now so in the 6 to 8 weeks that follow you will be shiny, bright, cheerful and strong!

Have at it and enjoy!


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