Doing It Daily

The old saying goes “You are the sum total of Your Habits!”

This is especially true of your Daily Habits. This would include how you balance your physical and mental activity, how you handle diet and nutrition, and how you exercise and stimulate your mind. In our current era it would also include how much time you spend allowing yourself to be programmed with mass media and “social” media.

My balance in life is strictly contingent on how my energy levels are. I have no problem with being “fractal” or wave like in both productivity and stimulation. I thrive on forward motion but also on down time and “aloneness”. I need both to maintain creativity. And of course I make supplements for those attributes.

Same with exercise. It’s never “off” but it is cycled according to my energy levels and of course the other things I have to do to meet obligations and basic daily stuff just like you. I have arranged my life to control the level of most of that and I’ve tried to show others how to do the same but in reality most people either don’t understand or are unwilling to do what is required to have that level of control. It takes a lot of escaping from social norms and societal programming. But you are your own worst critic so once you get past the fact that most people are in their own orbits and don’t care one whit what you do you have only yourself to be critical of you! I make supplements for the creativity and energy part as well.

Most of you know I am a “keto guy” who also couples it with intermittent fasting. But because I travel a fair amount even now, and because I eat to live more than I live to eat (although I am a decent cook!) there are sometimes holes in my nutrition that need to be filled.

For that reason, along with the anti-aging benefits I designed the Daily Dose Pack. It contains my world beating Fish Oil, Toco Q for your mitochondria and the crown jewel of all multi- items Young Life Daily.

With the Daily Dose Pack you get everything you need to guarantee any holes in your diet are patched up while still benefiting from the purpose built anti-aging benefits each supplement contains.

This is a daily habit I never break and never forget.

For your own sake you should pickup this habit too!

Now more than ever in these crazy times starting with your daily nutrition can pay huge benefits. Remember: Tough Times don’t Last – Tough Healthy People Do!!!”

Dr Dave

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