Live Just A Little Longer and They Promise You’ll Be A Victim of This!!!

Just about a month ago I introduced my long-awaited Sugar Balance Support Formula (SBSF).

But it was a little sneaky in the sense that we stuck the introduction in the middle of our big Christmas Flash Sale and without much fanfare. In addition, it was only available on continuity because of the limited quantity we had on hand.

We now know exactly how much we need for our subscription customers so we can now offer it with confidence to you if you wanted to try just one bottle or subscribe for that matter.

So today we do the old school intro like in days of yore- one bottle or more at a time at a discounted price.

It’s hard for me to assign an “importance factor” to any of my Longevity Edge Products since they are all designed with one thing in mind- giving you the best chance a longer healthier living.

But if there was one product that transcends the “vitamin and supplement” category into a “must have” supplement for EVERYONE, It’s SBSF.

This fact was rammed home on a recent visit to northern Florida to visit some older friends.

This “beachfront retirement” community was a scary reminder of what awaits us if we follow the rules.

I was surrounded by overweight diabetic people who were slowing down even at the ripe young edge of 70!

Insulin, metformin and obesity abounded. It was a sad testimonial to traditional medical care.

Oh yeah and don’t forget, anything over 100 for a fasting blood sugar and you are pre-diabetic- headed for the doom of diabetes (especially if you stay on a traditional low fat high carb diet.

And your blood pressure must be less than 130/90 or you are hypertensive. And your cholesterol less than 200. I promise you all those numbers will get lower and lower soon.

The only good thing to come out of this is a slight leaning towards what I termed “A unified theory of disease” where vascular inflammation plays the major role.

So, if you are diabetic or one of the 40 million+ pre-diabetics or frankly if you are over 35 and alive you better do something right now.

Enter SBSF, my answer to supporting the control of normal blood sugar.

Now remember I can’t say it actually works to lower blood sugar or there is an orange jump suit and a huge fine already in an envelope at one of our wonderful alphabet agencies already addressed to me.

But you can look at what is in it and realize there is solid data for the ingredients including goat’s rue, the traditional source for the darling of all anti-aging doctors and diabetes specialists alike- metformin.

That is all I am going to say about the ingredients.

But I want to impress upon you one more time- Something Evil Comes this Way for Far Too Many of us who are over 40.

It’s called diabetes and no one in traditional medicine has a clue how to prevent it so its gone the way of cancer- you are just supposed to accept it and expect it, especially if you live long enough!

Like all illnesses there is a critical tipping point where run way can be bought maybe even infinite run way. Diabetes does not start with high sugar or even pre-diabetic sugar. It starts before hand and before we can diagnose it.

There are many people who have written books on how to cure Type 2 diabetes but until our society at large decides to challenge the diet and health routines we have in place more millions will get diabetes.

I think you can and should do something about it but that is not a medical opinion- it’s a personal one. Since my goal is to help you live longer and better I would almost beg you and I mean it- to get on SBSF before you become diabetic*.

You have the chance to save on this must have essential supplement for the next 48 hours or until we hit stock out status.

Even if you don’t take anything else I make- this one should be an essential daily for you if you are over 40. Don’t bend to victim-hood!

With heart felt urgency!


Dr. Dave

*I can make no claims to treat, prevent, diagnose or mitigate any disease including diabetes until such time as an FDA approved randomized clinical trial has been done with my product. As a matter of fact no one knows exactly how many trials the FDA and FTC require but its more than any vitamin company could possibly afford to do. None the less please head the warnings on this product concerning its use with prescription drugs to lower blood sugar- and if you are diabetic only use this product with the approval of your doctor and be sure to monitor your sugar more frequently in case you miraculously find it works.

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