A Cradle For Your Tired Brain

Do you ever just get “brain tired”?

Things like a lack of focus, word finding difficulty and occasional loss of common items like cell phones, keys and household stuff you swore you saw in front of you just a few days before?
Well I have something that has helped immensely with these little annoying problems as well as some much bigger and more serious ones.

It’s called Brain Force One and its formulated to optimize your brain performance.

Now there are other reasons you might want to take it- things like the impending dementia epidemics we are reminded of on an almost daily basis. Sadly, we are told, if you make it to 80 you’ll be facing a high-level threat to your brain called Alzheimer Disease (yes the powers that be continue to get us to drop the ‘s on all diseases!).

Now I cannot make any claims as to the efficacy of Brain Force One for any illness or disease, but I urge you to research the ingredients on a credible web site like Pub Med (not Dr. so and so’s website- sorry to much BS even on doctor sites). When you look at objective evidence you might feel as I do.

It’s far better to do something than nothing!

Speaking of nothing: I have had lots of experience with the so-called Alzheimer drugs and frankly for my patients, I am confident they did absolutely nothing!

The other thing that is always essential for “brain support” is the proper amount of omega 3.

Without it your brain may not function anywhere near what its capable of.

This past few weeks there has been a whole slew of positive studies on fish oil and brain performance.
This is in addition to the usual winter time perks of fixing dry skin and hair that usually accompanies winter.

The combo of fish oil  and Brain Force One is my one-two punch for brain fatigue.

Here’s to being clear headed!!!!

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