Overfed and Malnourished

To say we live in interesting times may be a bit of an understatement. Certainly the events of the moment are unsettling and compelling at once. But we also live in interesting times historically from a social evolutionary standpoint.

There has even been a juxtaposition of body habitus and health based on food availability, true, but also on the preponderance of poor soil and rapid farming techniques to maximize yield and even changes to the types of meat we consume.

I live in an area rife with Amish and Mennonite farmers. This is a blessing because everything has been “organic” for centuries and all of the beef, poultry and pork is grass fed.

Always has been long before the advent of Rodale Press and Whole Foods!

But when I travel, as I am now, to other countries or in this case the mid west of our great land, I see the dietary habits which are down right dangerous. I see people crippled by arthritis and inactivity. I see people married to high carb diets, carb and sugar addicted who have grown far larger than one would think is humanly possible at a much younger age than before.

I see it generationally – with 3 generations of overfed and undernourished people, each next generation learning from the prior.

The ironic thing is a lot of these folks would have a very hard time losing weight and controlling their appetite even if they tried say, a Ketogenic Diet.

Failure of the diet?


Failure of nutrition! Lack of the correct vitamins and minerals to facilitate the enzyme systems needed to convert fat in to calories, reduce inflammation and support lean muscle mass.

Now I hope you understand that lean muscle mass and longevity are directly correlated as are health and lean muscle mass! If you can’t lose weight and build muscle you definitely are heading in a bad direction.

This is why I still make a version of the Daily Dose Pack. It helps cover those dietary indiscretions we all have from time to time. And as I am experiencing now it’s critical when you travel because different parts of the world and the country aren’t always on the same page as you and me!

One last thing I would highly recommend along with the Daily Dose Pack is our amazing Probiotic because the gut bacteria play a critical role in the absorption of your vitamins and minerals. Bad gut, Bad absorption!

With all the Bad out there its time for some good! Start with YOU and the ones You love!

Dr Dave

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