The Secret to the Best Body You’ll Ever Have at Any Age

They say that most men overestimate their looks and most women do the opposite

I did not grow up handsome or with a particularly aesthetically pleasing body. I knew this because I saw how good looking young men were fawned over as I grew up. That certainly was NOT something I experienced hence the unmitigated truth that I was pretty average at least physically.

Now fortunately I was gifted with a good brain, excellent health, a tremendous work ethic and an honest, genuine personality that chose to make may own way rather than parasite off the achievements of others.

Then a funny thing happened in my early 50’s

I started to get noticed by members of both sexes. Most of the guys young and old alike wanted to know sincerely “how I did it”. The guys were no longer threatened by a “young man” but were more interested in looking and feeling good when god willing, they got to be my age. And the girls, well let’s just say that no matter what age most women who have any self respect appreciate a man with a good body.

So what is the secret? How can someone in their 60’s have a better body than in their 30’s.

Is it the supplements? Somewhat!

What about hormones?

I am not against physiologic hormone replacement but I can tell you for sure the 19-31 year old testosterone driven monsters I see so much of these days are not doing themselves any favors in terms of longevity. The older you get, actually the better it is to be leaner and “pound for pound stronger”. In terms of strength especially functional strength the curve is not linear for body mass and body weight. Almost always the man or women who is both lean and strong is healthier overall.

So is it exercise?

Actually not to the degree you might think. I remember running my second Canadian Death Race and being in killer cardiac shape but looking flabby and awful!

The Secret is nutrition specifically a nutritional lifestyle. Now I am a firm believer in KETOgenic diets for both health and aesthetics. Nothing shaped my body, melted the fat, brought out the hitherto unseen abs faster or more effectively than Keto.

That is one of the reasons, along with the longevity effects that I wrote my latest book “The Keto Edge” with a PhD cancer researcher Dr Oksana Zagorodna. If you notice Dr. Z’s name ends in “DNA”.

Between the 2 of us we wrote a Keto Book like no other on the market. I am pleased to say that the book is not intended to make tons of money, but rather spread the critical and oft ignored information about the active ingredients in the Keto diet, and how they benefit health and longevity, it will also help you have a body you’ve dreamed of- or maybe never let yourself dream of.

I also make a “huge helper” for Keto in the ketone generating KetoGen.

And finally I partnered with another old friend, cardiologist and beautiful lady Dr Luiza Petre MD (whom you may have seen all over the national TV channels for her COVID expertise as well) to bring you an AMAZING BoneBroth!

So whether its knowledge, motivation, food, or supplemental support for your Best Keto Body ever. I’ve got you covered!

Dr Dave

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