Every Rose Has its Thorn

It’s interesting to note that every decision you make has 2 sides, a pro and con. Most people make decisions based on keeping things the same and “safe”, rather than evolving and growing which involves risk. I have heard people say they do not want to take any more risks but I can tell you in business and life in general, no risk no reward.

Worse risk aversion will lead to stagnation which ALWAYS leads to a slow decline in the situation. The old adage “fail fast and fail hard” makes all the more sense unless of course you are in the stage of your life where you are on cruise control.

I have had plenty of time and been privy to plenty of lives and I think I understand the primary problem which was best stated by the Dalai Lama and I have often quoted, “The problem is you think you have Time!”

I learned at an early age and all throughout my medical career that life is always shorter than we’d like and ironically seems to accelerate as we gain “maturity”. It may be an artificial concept but it is at the crux of the problem. People only begin to vaguely understand the urgency of pursing their lives and passions when someone close to them passes. And often it’s only a short time until they “reintegrate” into their comfort zone missing the primary message which is “Get your ass in Gear!”

This concept is the antithesis of many spiritual and meditation systems which stress, “Surrender and go with the flow. Be calm!”

There is a huge difference between all of the above and becoming aimless which is what I have personally seen all too often. I prefer “Uplift” to “Calm Down”. Too many people consider themselves ungrounded when the real problem is they are “disintegrated”. Your life will always show you how close you are to living your truth.

If it’s a struggle, you ain’t! If you are having to rely on unhealthy addictions and substances, you ain’t!

And with that segue I want to talk to you about the most precious resource you have. It may surprise you to know I don’t think it’s TIME!

I think it’s ENERGY!

Time is not something you can fix or change, so that IS something you have to surrender to. After all there are only 24 hours in a day! Losing sleep and overtraining and generally being out of balance is not the answer as you will always pay the long term price for short term gain.

But how much energy and passion and forward motion you can muster in that day is to a large extend under your control.

It’s at this point that in days gone by I would have launched into a minor scientific dissertation about the mitochondria, your cellular powerhouses and how they are the center point of your energy levels.

As time goes by, they do begin to glitch more and slow down in their energy production. Its reported that Dr OZ said, “It’s not time management, it’s energy management.” I agree 100%

That is why I make a pure buffered form of raw energy called Energy X MAXX and the mitochondrial supplement Toco Q as well as the combination Energy Bundle.

I promise you as your life goes on, especially in the challenging and changing times ahead where many formerly counted on and believed in things reveal themselves to be unreliable, the need for energy and the challenge to “make more” in the face of stress, as well as to command it and stay focused will be the center point of how well or poorly you succeed.

I am grateful to have the knowledge to address this issue for myself and of course you are welcome to come along and join in the party where the energy, creativity and problem solving flow easily and without stress.

Eventually you get so good at it you KNOW you will thrive no matter what is happening around you because you are centered in YOUR center. That is where your power is.

I want to end this little philosophical diatribe by reminding you I am beginning a coaching program of 3 levels,

  1. fitness and the keto lifestyle
  2. anti-aging life style
  3. Magnetic Wealth Attraction and successfully thriving in any environment no matter what.

If this interests you, I need to know soon so we can schedule an interview. Call (or reply to this email) us at (610) 888-4608 and let him know which program you are interested in so we can schedule an interview and see if we both “fit” with each other!

IN the meantime, inject some juice into your life because juicy means you are ripe for success. And don’t focus on the thorns, focus on the rose!!!

Dr Dave

PS- there is another side to this coin. For simplicity sake I’ll call it Energy Vampires. These are people places and things that take and drain your energy and almost always give nothing back worthwhile. The last thing is subjective but if your attachment is based on something that never has happened, is not likely to happen or some underlying program of holding on to something so it is not “wasted” or people will judge you for taking control of your life, you will find all the things that are truly holding you back right there. If you are unwilling to remove them from your life you have made a choice to continue to be drained. That is up to YOU alone.

This is actually one of the central point of all my coaching programs by the way! If you are IN for the coaching, call us at 610 888 4608 so we can talk!

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