Fat Loss – All It Takes is a Short Bit of Time and a Small Amount of Effort and Away You go Onto a New Body and New You.

Have you ever noticed how so many words get attached to fat loss that come and go?

Acai berry fat loss, cleansing fat loss, yoga fat loss, growth hormone fat loss, HCG and fat loss and so on and so forth.

Most of them come and go because they don’t work, at least for fat loss and taking inches off.

Let’s take a closer look at the 5 above.

Has the Acai berry ever been proven to do anything at all with body weight or fat? Nope, nothing at all — not one thing. Acai is a decent if not fabulous antioxidant and a great way to flavor chocolate and boost its antioxidant power but by itself it has no fat loss powers at all.

Cleansing and fat loss.  Well I guess we need to define what cleansing means.  Cleansing in the broadest sense means getting rid
of toxins that might be stored or accumulated in areas of your body.

Now it’s a natural leap to go from fat loss and the release of stored toxins, but the truth is that unless your fat loss is extremely rapid and the toxins extremely toxic you are not going to have much of a problem.  And detoxifying will only help you lose weight permanently if it follows the 300 to 500 calorie rule and does not invoke the starvation reflex that slows down your metabolism.

Jump to HCG and you’ll see the same thing.  The very low calorie
diets are the reason people temporarily lose weight with the
homeopathic doses of HCG they are generally given.  Once the
starvation reflex kicks in, the weight loss stops and it’s game over. You can’t fool Mother Nature.  Anyone who tells you they lost and kept off a ton of weight with this diet plan is doing something else in addition.

Yoga and fat loss.  Not being a Yoga expert, I am not the most
highly qualified person to comment on this but I will say this
much.  It has to depend on what kind and how much or how long you
do the Yoga and of course what you do in addition.  Still, as a non
sectarian spiritual practice, Yoga scores much better than other
similar activities for weight loss.

HGH or human growth hormone.  There is no doubt you can lose weight and gain muscle mass with HGH use.  But I can tell you this is
quite limited.  HGH is much better used for athletic recovery and
maintaining a youthful hormone balance than as a solo agent for fat
loss.  It’s also expensive, basically illegal and requires shots.

You are far better served using my Ultra Stength Fat Furnace that has none
of the HGH side effects and won’t land you and your doc in jail or
in the hospital!

Finally, a reminder… If you are serious about weight loss but do
really need guidance and help here is where you should go Fabulous
Fat Burning for Everyone.  This program has helped thousands of
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All it takes is a short bit of time and a small amount of effort
and away you go onto a new body and new you.


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