Worthless Supplement Could Save Millions

Have you read my blog titled “As I Lay Dying”?

That was not the first blog I have written of its type but it is illustrative.

Illustrative of what?!

Illustrative of the crappy science that the media pumps out to cause controversy and fear.

Sound familiar?

Well it seems that this is the basis of all media strategies that grab “eyeballs” these days.  Say something contrary to what is fact and everyone pays attention whether its real or not.

So maybe it won’t surprise you that within 24 hours there were two opposite fish oil headlines.

The first based on a UK study from a major university stated that even a lowly 1 gram of fish oil a day would save the UK health system (which is socialized and very sensitive to costs!) over 25 billion per year (not accounting for the conversion for pounds to dollars!).

That headline got moderate media and internet coverage.

24 hours later splashed ALL OVER every media outlet was the headline “Major study finds fish oil supplements worthless”  That was in the New York times.  Several high ranking doctors at major medical establishments were quoted harrumphing in agreement.  All the best studies in all the best journals were in agreement according to them.

All the best Big Pharma supported (advertising dollars!) and all the meta analysis of the same negative studies showed the same thing.  Talk about a set up!!! If you want to prove something wrong in medicine by all means do a metanalysis.  Pick only the studies that support your view and feed them into the mill and guess what comes out.

The conclusion you want.

Recently I did several interviews with a young well published journalist.  It all started quite innocently enough. His goal was to try to find the real truth behind the fish oil question.  He asked the most important question: Why is this not settled!!!!

Why can you have one headline one day and another the next.  My answer was simple.  Follow the money. Fish oil is a  supplement and Omega 3’s as a whole have been shown to be amazing when it comes to human health.  Yet there is an endless attempt by people who DO NOT understand fatty acid biology or who merely desperately need headlines to justify their existence.  I could not cover this more clearly than I did in “As I Lay Dying”.

I hope I meet Dr. Ted Braskey-the guy who wrote the fish oil associated with prostate cancer nonsense a few years back.

There is something I’d like to give him!!!

Take your fish oil and ignore the nonsense. After all this worthless supplement could save hundreds of millions of dollars and maybe both of our lives!


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