Have You Heard This Before?

Recently I saw an ad stating that “Not all Co Q’s are created equal!” It was an ad for PQQ the latest and greatest version of Co Q.

Research into this compound shows it is of bacterial origin and found at best in trace amounts in human tissue. This does not mean it’s bad it simply means that its application to human health needs a lot more evaluation. That does not stop supplement manufacturers from making great claims however.

The fact remains that there is not one human study showing its’ benefit versus Ubiquinol (also known as reduced Co Q). This compound IS found in human tissue, mitochondria to be exact and is known as the first intermediate in energy generation in those mitochondria.

Finally, it has also been shown to drop off as we age making the mitochondria more susceptible to malfunction and death. Inefficient mitochondria equal inefficient energy generation.

My answer to the CoQ issue is to use a little known but well proven compound known as tocotrienol.

Not only is this a super anti-oxidant boosting the capacity of Co Q to stay in its reduced (active form) its also a putative telomerase activator that may actually help boost the effects of The Immortality Edge Packs and Telokynase

A few weeks ago, I wrote an email to you called “Supplements by Google”. Having been in the industry over 20 years and survived all kinds of unpredictable nonsense and watched so much of the latest and greatest fall by the way side, only to replaced by “something new” I can tell you what works in people.

What I create is unique plain and simple and it’s based on real knowledge and science not just what sounds cool, looks cool or seems new.

Toco Q is not only equal to the rest of the field, it excels and is unique. And its not something you’ve heard of before!

Try it and feel the difference in how YOU feel and perform!

Anti-aging at its best!

Dr Dave

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