Doing it Daily

You’ve heard me say many times you are the sum total of your habits.

But I’d like to offer a modification: You are the sum total of your daily habits!

You see some habits are not life time. They are temporal, they come and go.

As such any benefit or detriment from those habits is also temporal and temporary.

So, take a good close look at what you can honestly say you have done every day.

Me First LOL, after all its true confession time.

We all probably eat, sleep and hopefully clean ourselves every day. Those are more or less givens.

Some people look for ways to save or make money every day. They are no doubt wealthier than most.

Personally, the one habit I honor every single day is my curiosity…

Some days I don’t have as much as others but not a day goes by where something new and different doesn’t catch my eye. One habit I gave up a long time ago has helped me focus on what is important in my life. In November it will be 5 years since my TV cable fell into my yard during a severe storm. That was the last time I watched anything considered main stream media.

I’ve also said this many times: I haven’t really missed a thing. Except for perhaps the fear mongering and politically driven nonsense that is “supposed” to be occupying our minds. Honestly you can pretty much predict what the outcomes are going to be based on what the bias is.

Meanwhile advances in longevity, wellness, physical ability and healthy skill acquisition and mind science continue mostly unnoticed by those who are sucked into the maw of “needing to know the news”! I am sure that is not deliberate!

I haven’t missed a thing and I’ve gained a lot of time and peace of mind in the process.

So daily habits can also be pared down to make room for other things that you can decide (read that last phrase again!) are more important than the speculations that occur or the foregone conclusions that are being justified to look like they are justifiable.

You of course know about my 24 year daily habit of fish oil consumption. Along with that goes the daily habit of Young Life Daily my purpose built anti-aging Multi Vite.

Like all of my products it’s unique and uncopied (as far as I know!) and you can only get it here!

I am also pleased to announce that through the daily habit of persistence my team and I have overcome the “supply chain crisis” and have very recently gotten an order that was placed a year ago. I suppose that was not really overcoming it, rather just waiting it out. But we do have alternate sourcing now for most of our products, and we are slowly testing out those waters. Those who decided our business was not all that important are going to lose it plain and simple.

The bad news is that the “supply chain crisis” as it has been dubbed carries not only the waiting time but an increase in prices which should be the obvious reason to create a supply chain crisis. And, Covid is still being cited occasionally at least, as a reason. I guess they won’t need to resort to Monkey Pox!

I think quadrupling the cost of providing things and shipping them is a much more likely reason but hey, it’s a “novel” virus. The government mandates and Big Pharma et al.’s huge profits were also novel don’t cha think!

Anywho on to some more good news. The recently out of stock and predicted defunct Male Maxx X has been resourced to another lab complete with the requisite 3rd party testing (wouldn’t want any Prop 65 violations!) and an even better Pine Pollen formulation. So, it’s a 2.0 version but honestly the main change is we found a more responsible less lying source! So that should hit around mid-October!

Meantime take advantage of the Young Life Daily pre crisis pricing because surprise surprise the cost has gone up and we have no other option. But not just yet. For a short while this amazing multi is staying the same.

But not for long.

Also, along those lines remember the pre-crisis pricing for fish oil did have to go up. I mentioned that in 90 days it would go up again to try to cover at least some of the expense we’ve incurred in all facets, production, testing, and especially transport. I remind you however we are not in a recession especially since Wikipedia changed the definition. Cyber reality is after all real reality apparently these days.

So bottom line is fish oil is going up another 5 bucks in approximately 50 days. If you want to avoid this second increase then order with the link.

I sincerely hope price increases do not become a habit as well but this is one habit none of us will be responsible for until we vote in the next and the next series of elections.

Meantime, keep your daily habits healthy and yourself sunny and self determined. Changes are sure to come, some good some bad but adaptability and curiosity are keys to staying in your own happy pocket!

On Cruise Control!

Dr Dave

PS some other dailys: I have a short list of “functional mobility stretches” that I use to help my body weight exercise and yoga routines. They include compressions and V sits for abdominal strength and core work, pike push ups to build anterior deltoid strength for handstands and beyond. Several side and front split drills, and balance work on the balance beam. The whole routine can be done in 15 minutes or less! I practice sleep hygiene and meditation daily. I eat low carb and often keto daily. I read some form of research based medical literature, not the typical journal articles which just parrot the mainstream media agenda! And I take most of my creations daily.

You are the sum total of your daily habits!

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