Inches to Pounds Part 2 – My Challenge to You

In a moment I will ask you to look at two pictures and make a judgment call. Think of it as a little contest.

But before I do that I want to give you a bit of info that may help you “win” this one.

Several years ago I wrote a little blog called “Inches to Pounds”. I wasn’t doing anything I don’t normally do- just sharing my years of experience with you the reader.

It turns out that over the years that blog has become the absolute number one “best seller” on the Dr Dave hit list. If you haven’t seen it, it lives here. It tells you about a part of my life like a lot of my blogs do. It tells you about what I saw what I learned and what I created to deal with some seemingly unsolvable problems  that were afflicting me as well as my patients.

Today’s blog picks up where that left off and details how I have managed to continue how to improve people’s lives and continue to keep my own weight under control. I can also fulfill the original premise and tell you a rough formula for converting inches lost to pounds lost.

But before we get there have a look at the two pictures of me:

One was taken in 2006. Which picture was that? One was taken in early October of this year (2014). Which one is it?

If you are having some trouble then understand this. You are looking at 8 years of difference. What you should be seeing if I am following the curve most people are is 1) Increasing body weight as body fat 2) Worsening posture 3) visible and obvious signs of moving into my mid 50’s.

The fact that it is hard to do that should tell you I have solved the equation- the equation of staying young and lean!

More importantly it should tell you that everything I tell you is tested by me and working in me and YOU CAN HAVE IT TOO.

Read what I say and do what I say in the emails and blogs and you cannot fail!

OK here is more info for you.

The “Inches to Pounds” formula is markedly affected by the type of diet you are on. If you are on a lowered calorie “balanced diet” that consists of more carbs than fats and proteins you can reduce the number of inches you will lose by about 35%.

To make this formula work more closely you need to be on a ketogenic diet.

Here is the rough formula: For every 10 pounds you lose while dieting you can expect 1 inch from your waist, and one half an inches from your hips. If you have problem areas like love handles or fat thighs keep in mind you will have to diet longer and reduce your body fat more to affect those areas.

In terms of body fat reduction, for every 2% reduction in body fat you will see similar reductions in your waist and belly fat.

Somewhere around 15% body fat you will see your abs and by 12% you should see veins beginning to appear in you abdominal area indicating you are indeed lean. The presence of abs and vasculature is a pretty good indicator you are melting excess body fat.

Now a note to weight lifters and body builders- you probably already know this. Your absolute strength will decrease with weight and calorie reduction. But you will look better and be healthier. That may not be your goal, but the latter especially is mine. Supporting large amounts of muscle mass is fine as long as you understand it represents the aesthetics of health, not health itself. Your choice!

Getting to this healthy level and maintaining it often requires help. I have, do and probably will always face challenges maintaining a healthy bodyweight and the wonderful sugar and cholesterol numbers that accompany it.

And as I can tell you, none of us ever tires of hearing “You Look Great”!

OK now, drum roll please.

The picture of me in blue jean shorts and with a shaved chest (This was NOT my idea- the photographer insisted LOL) was taken in 2006 after a photo shoot for a fitness project called Down Under Strength. Some of you may remember it. The picture in the green shorts and unshaven chest was taken just over a month ago. If you have a moment send me a comment on facebook and let me know if you picked the right pic!






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