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Telokynase Version 2.0 Is Here Now!

That’s right the latest and greatest iteration of my self discovered telomerase activator is here now!!

This is actually the 3rd version but it’s got some major improvements to it so we’ll call the other versions 1A (the first) and 1B (my quiet upgrade to the original).

In testing version 1A exceed the gold standard market telomerase activator by a 2-3-fold at a smaller dose since it was more potent. We then doubled the dose to nail it down. That was version 1B.

In my continuing quest to improve the product and increase the telomerase activation I found yet another naturally occurring small molecule within a completely different raw material that the previous Angelica S. This one Centella provided a really potent addition when we extracted the most potent molecule from it.

So once again our proprietary blend consists of small molecule extract(s) not the entire herbal. I worked long and hard with my lead scientist to isolate these molecules and then tested them on our stem cells and looked for the same data against the other “gold standard” on the market.

Our preliminary testing indicates a combined 10X increase in telomerase activation compared to the market standard of just above 2x.

Again, I we were able to obtain what looks to be similar to gene insertion levels without the potential long term side effects (although there are none documented in animal studies)! The shorter half life and more limited distribution of the oral route works in favor of this and makes the product safe unless you have specific allergies to the components. This is also highly unlikely.

It’s also been micro-encapsulated for better absorption.

Those of you who have a subscription will automatically be upgraded keeping whatever your original price was even it it goes all the way back to 2 years ago when I first introduced the product.

Because of the additional cost of development, research and testing etc., the new product target price will be $500. But if you sign up for continuity, I will keep it the same as the current price for the older version which is $450 a bottle, with discounts on larger purchases.

I will continue to release testing as we go and be advised there is some fascinating data on both of these active molecules regarding cancer and viruses but it’s too early for me to even release what we have because I do not want it to be misconstrued and become a target because of it.

I can simply tell you that at non toxic doses we have achieved a 98% kill rate of hormone sensitive breast cancer cell lines and colon cancer cell lines within 24-48 hours of administration.

These studies were done under lab conditions in agar gel dishes so it’s a far cry from sick live humans so be very, very clear on that! Still its massively encouraging and I’m pouring a lot of personal resources (money, time and research) into further delineating that. Your support of the telomerase activator is a big part of where that comes from.

I will continue to improve, patent and to fly solo in the research until I cannot be refuted. It will take time and your continued support but it’s a hell of a legacy I’d love to leave for future generations!!!!

We all have adversity in life! I hope to lessen that burden for all of you while I am Guinea pigging it on myself!

I hope you understand the difference between me and just about every other person/company that makes supplements out there.

The Longevity Edge IS ONE OF A KIND- just like this new Telokynase product.

It exists no where else and until someone violates our patent, it won’t!

From the science bench to the body – Others may imitate but none compare!

Dr Dave

PS: One other thing that should be clear is I never rest on my laurels. Almost every product we have out there while it may now have a slightly different name is the result of improvements, feedback and continuous testing for OUTCOMES as well as keeping up to date with the research.

A few examples: fish oil (I’m very sorry about the delays, but this appears to be the world we live in now. We’re working night and day to get it back on the shelves!!) is in its 5th iteration since its intro in 2002. Toco Q stems from our original Dr Dave’s’ Best Co Q and now contains the putative telomerase activator tocotrienol.

Sleep Wizard is now Sweet Sleep and is designed around chrono biology to provide the world’s only natural sleep aid with a built in anti-oxidant other than melatonin!

Young Life Daily. which stems from the original DDB product Monster Multi is in its 4th iteration.

No brag just fact- Show me anyone else who’s that dedicated to continuous improvement and following the research as well as testing.

The secret is I take everything I make and I make it for me. I’m so glad you are here to join me. I promise you I have been around more than one famous supplement owner whose “killing it” that hardly touches their own products or doesn’t even use them at all. I despise phoneys!! You know who they are!!

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