Fish Oil Fallacy and Fertility

IN the great balance of Yin and Yang in the Universe the not so polar opposites of men and women have gotten some good news about fish oil and fertility.

It boosts fertility for both men and women in different but important ways.

In women it reduces the likelihood of endometriosis, balances aspects of PCO and curbs other inflammatory diseases associated with infertility.

In men, fish oil may just be the answer to declining sperm counts and fertility issues in men a recent British study postulates

Then of course once a woman does become pregnant the omega 3 scores are critical for raising healthier children with fewer perinatal problems.

Then there is the increased performance on IQ and scholastic tests that come later in the child’s life.

None of this is new or even news.  I have been telling you this since 2002. But of course, it doesn’t count until the eggheads say it does.

Even then it doesn’t count- Big Pharma hasn’t gotten on board.

What should we look for next?  The same thing as occurred this past year in Cardiovascular health. After endless fish oil bashing, now that Big Pharma has a fish oil drug, Vascepa- it’s good for heart disease (although more press was given when the competitors fish oil drug was removed from trials for lack of efficacy. My theory is they cut their losses and decided they would not make enough money even if their drug did work! Then again, I’ve been exposing the BP fallacy since 2002 as well.

When our dear friends the Big Pharmas or as I prefer the BF’s develop a fish oil based fertility drug it will all be Happy Trails. Did I just give you BF’s the best idea ever?

IN the meantime, for purity and potency (now with male and female undertones) take your Fish Oil, and make sure your significant other is too!

The Purely Potent and Potently Pure Dr Dave!

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