Food Poisoning -Telomeres in the News

Did you know that avoiding high fat diary can lengthen your telomeres?  As a practitioner of high fat diary and keto on a daily basis, I had to wonder about this conclusion since my telomeres continue to get longer as I “age”.

What gives?

Well it’s the simple explanation for just about everything that makes no sense: bad study design!

In the study referred to that showed skim milk leads to longer telomeres (at least versus whole milk or lower fat milk).  In the recent study, the only variable was the milk.  No accounting was taken for the high carbohydrate diet that accompanies it in probably every single case.

This is why I always question dietary studies done by questionnaire where there is only one question that is the focus.

Can you think of anything more complicated that human nutrition!!!!

There is that other little fact that on this horrendous diet I have the best cholesterol and lipid levels I have ever had… in my life!

The truth is excess carbs kill.  This is THE TRUTH for 95% of people out there.

Why is this one hard to swallow?  Two big reasons.

  1. The Allopathic Medical Tradition has wrongly championed high carb low fat since 1970. The result is an epidemic of obesity and diabetes. But all that money and time went into to developing foods and medicines that treat that specific dietary problem. Now we know it is nonexistent but changing takes time especially when billions of dollars are at stake. The slow but steady release of favorable science that supports long term keto will eventually prevail. But how many people will have to be “food poisoned” until it stops!
  2. It undermines the credibility of all of those institutions that have propagated this lie. Have no fear. As in the past when there has been a major scientific shift, advertising dollars and pretending they “knew it all along” will come to the rescue and catch most of the people who are asleep about their health and make them believe “Science is on Your Side and wants to protect you!!!! We just needed to wait until there were studies done by the right kinds of doctors and scientists (those in our employ) and till the money was right (we support and have drugs to help you achieve what simple diet and supplements could have achieved decades ago).

Simply put: Atkins, Phinney and Volek were right all along.

Go into Whole Foods and look for full fat Yogurt.  You won’t find it!!!! Way too much money in supporting the low fat agenda to switch now!!!!  There is still money to be made

Here is how I created longer telomeres and got into Keto.

But before you do this, remember none of what I just said is approved by the alphabet agencies whose sole goal is and always has been to protect you from quackery.

Quacking as we speak!

Dr Dave

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