Natural Immunity – Keeping You Healthy Against the Endless Stream of External Insults Mother Nature Throws at us Every Day in the Form of Germs and Viruses

The immune system is a complex and different bunch of components working together for the common goal of keeping you healthy against the endless stream of external insults Mother Nature throws at us every day in the form of germs and viruses.

It also plays a key role in the “immune surveillance” mechanisms that keep our bodies cancer free.

I hope you agree those are worthy goals because today I am going to give you the scoop on how to become one of those people who sail through cough and cold season instead of staying constantly sick or worse.

Here is the most important stuff…

1) Sleep: Lack of sleep is not a good way to stay healthy in any way. It affects the hormone system as well as the body’s ability to recover. Both of those ultimately affect the strength of your immune response.

Ironically something that blunts your fast response immunity can trigger your slow response immunity and cause chronic inflammation, a precursor to most of the disease we associate with aging such as heart disease, arthritis and Alzheimer’s as well as cancer.

2) Nutrition: Getting enough antioxidants and Fish oil in your body is critical for the immune system to do its job at managing long term stress and short term inflammation.

3) Exercise: While activity and the body’s response to clearly and ultimately improve the way and ability of your body to respond to germs and viruses.

4) Supplements. Mother Nature endowed the plant world a series of amazing ways to defend itself against the very same primitive bacteria and viruses that can kill us.

Here are some examples. Studies into the Elderberry extract have shown specific and dramatic effects on influenza and other viruses by decreasing the spread of the virus from cell to cell and inhibiting its ability to reproduce. My Immune Booster is a potent and pure elderberry extract treated in a special patented way to preserve the antioxidant activity while getting rid of contaminants.

In addition, two of the three ingredients in Instant Endurance, the Cordyceps and Rhodiola have shown what is known as neuraminidase inhibition. These compounds have been tested in labs and have shown activity against swine flu and others.

Finally, the specific case of Fish oil. In the past season someone decided they would post an article that fish oil might reduce flu immunity. That article got picked up and circulated widely, as does most negative press on the internet.

In fact, fish oil has been shown to increase the number of inflammatory cells in the lungs of lab subjects when infected with influenza. In addition it showed an increase also in another immune producing area, the spleen, when influenza was introduced into the systems of rats.

Rat studies aside** none of the Omega 3 experts, including myself, believe that there is any harm whatsoever in using Fish oil during the flu season. In fact if you should get the flu, which is unlikely if you do all of the above I have suggested, you’ll most likely get less symptoms if you took fish oil!

The main cost of getting sick for most of us is inconvenience and annoyance. Who has time for the flu or even a bad cold! So look to your Fish oil, Immune Booster and Instant Endurance this season and remember those you love who are more vulnerable than you and I!

**A word about those rat studies, since some genius is likely to start an anti-Omega 3 campaign again based on them. Lab rats weigh less than a pound on average. They were given 17 grams of fish oil in these studies. That would be like a 150 pound person taking several thousand grams of fish oil a day for several weeks. Even then many of the parameters of anti-viral immunity improved. I hope you can see the ridiculousness of some of what gets put on the internet!

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