Fat loss – Converting Inches To Pounds

How many pounds do you have to lose to drop an inch off your waist? Well sadly there is no scientific study for me to quote and people of course lose weight differently all, of which we’ll cover in a moment, but I can and will give you a ball park figure.

Your first inch will most likely be noticeable by 8 pounds, your second inch will take another 17 to 18.

Why the difference? The first inch is primarily water weight which your body will shed first, especially if you reduce the carbs in your diet. Carbs stored in the muscle as glycogen require a certain amount of water to be present and this water goes first as you reduce your calories because your increased fat burning will take longer. Your body defends fat as a long term energy storage source more tenaciously than it does your carb storage sources.

The amount of weight you need to lose per inch stays about the same thereafter — in the 17-18 pound range. When I dropped 50 pounds of body weight (over 75% of it body fat) a few years back using the principles in Fabulous Fat Burning for Everyone (and featuring my Ultra Strength Fat Furnace) I lost about 4 inches from my waist and at least as much from my derriere!

The fun part was putting on jeans I had since college!

Now here are a few other things to remember.

Eat less but not too much less. Too few calories and you’ll stall out.

Take your fish oil. Why not get the free and easy fat loss it provides along with the many other benefits.

Mind your nutrition. Keep your food choices wide but avoid carbs as much as you can. Whey protein has a great anabolic effect as well and is a great way to reduce dessert and snack intake and when you are hungry.

Don’t skimp on sleep!

Again, I detail the particulars of all this and more in Fabulous Fat Burning for Everyone.

So you can be “spoon-fed” your fat loss.

Aren’t you sick and tired of reading about how so and so lost 50 pounds or got a great body by getting in shape. I show YOU how with Fabulous Fat Burning for Everyone so you can write your own story!


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