Reckoning Sale

I have been hinting at this for over a month. For the next 48 hours Fish Oil will be offered on continuity/subscription at the “old” pre crisis prices. As you may know we do our best to serve our continuity customers first although everything is indeed subject to “supply chain issues”. As you also know we do not increase prices on our subscription customers!

So, you can beat inflation and all the other nonsense for the next 48 hours if you act now.

After that there will be a $5 dollar increase in price. Since this does not even begin to cover our losses there will be another price increase of similar nature in 90 days. There is nothing I can do about this but I urge you not to be distracted by a media that wants you to accept what’s going on behind the scenes by constantly invading your consciousness with what “they” (yeah them the people who are actually profiting from all this!) want you to be concerned with.

So be concerned with your health and your pocket book, and act now before the increases hit. This also applies to our cases of Fish Oil – all subscriptions will lock in today’s price for as long as you keep the subscription!

48 hours until the (first) price increase.

Over the next few years there will be several days of reckoning in so many things that affect all of us. Act wisely and do not be distracted from what matters- your health and your future.

Wishing you clarity, freedom and peace!

Dr Dave

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