Just the Tip Part 2

A while back I sent out part 1 which reviewed how important telomeres are for your health.

In case you haven’t been paying attention the telomere is the end cap or “tip” of the chromosome.

As far as we know nothing is made or coded from this portion of the chromosome BUT, it is a huge signaling area that interfaces with the entire genome and most importantly the epigenetic (non gene on/off switches) including the mitochondria. The latter is the most ignored epigenetic switch there is because it resides outside of the cell’s nucleus and of course, we live in a “genetics rules” environment!

Now, it has been well established that longer telomeres equal longer and healthier life. But with all things that leaves out a lot of details. Still in my opinion there is not one other thing that can be intervened in, helped, changed that has as big an effect on everything else including health and life span.

Be advised that fact checkers might say this is miss, or dis, information especially since Big Pharma is not making money from it. As always, I encourage you to do your own research but always ask this question, “What can YOU do about it”. Example is the so called methylation clock. Show me a safe methylating agent that can reverse the methylation changes in the genome and then apply it in the lab or humans and show me it makes a difference.

All of that has been done for over a decade with the telomere, and it’s been done by doctors and scientists not just mathematicians who create models and then claim the right to influence human health without any accountability! Anyone remember the covid model?!

Bottom line: I make 2 supplements that are specific for just the tip!

Telokynase is a unique compound that exists no where else. It has been tested specifically on stem cell markers which has not been done ever with other so called activators. You can’t buy Chinese copies of it…yet. You can’t buy MLM copies of it. And you can’t buy it on the fancy white label packaged web sites that sell stuff you could buy at Costco for 10X the price.

It lives here.

At this moment it’s expensive. Sadly, it’s going to get MORE expensive so you might want to take advantage the throwback price now and get locked in on continuity because I am holding the line for those wonderful customers who make my life’s work worth doing!!!

Less expensive, less directed and potent but still a major step in supporting telomere health is the Immortality Edge Packs. Currently in stock and at the same throw back price for continuity. We’ve already ordered more but guess what- no idea when they will be made. That is the new normal. Also guess what, the raw material and transport costs have gone up 700% so IF I can continue to make it its got to go way up in price.

Lock in now because I cannot change the new normal.

But I can help you keep the tip healthy!!!!

Dr Dave

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