Yes It’s Finally Back In Stock!!!

So it’s only 6 weeks after expected our fabulous famous Pharmaceutical Grade Fish Oil is indeed back in stock.

A number one seller for almost 20 years now (it’s been updated and upgraded FOUR separate times since its introduction!) the difficulty of not being able to get enough to keep in stock was a reflection of the recent manufactured viral crisis.

Guess what they are at it again sowing fear of a “second wave” to anyone who will listen. No matter what you will need your fish oil during the coming months to stave off the stresses and strains and uncertainties of this rapidly changing world.

To that end we’ve doubled our order but don’t be surprised if it sells out faster than ever because everyone has now experienced many of the shortages that were built into this crisis.

We will do our utmost to manage the supply chain and are for the most part stocked back up on everything with one major exception (Young Life Daily is still back ordered, I sincerely apologize!). In each case we have ordered a minimum of 100% more than usual from our plant – here’s hoping.

Meantime! Don’t wait for the next crisis – real or not because “they” are determined to try to save a failing system and will try to catch your attention any way possible. Order and stock up now and remember we have deeply discounted case prices and always fill our continuity/subscription orders first!

Here’s to plenty- plenty of fun, plenty of great health and plenty of what we all need!

Dr Dave

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