Going Fast!

Just a quick reminder my world beating Fish Oil is back in stock. As anticipated there has been a huge run on it since we all know the consequences of supply chain issues – manufactured or real.

Have you tried to buy any wood for projects lately? Around here it’s almost impossible to find anything since the lumber yards were shut down. Apparently now they are open they are actually withholding material to charge more and push up demand even higher.

I haven’t and won’t change my price at least until the end of this year.

Bottom line: It’s in huge demand, people are buying it faster than we anticipated and even though we have a bigger stock than ever at this rate it will be gone with the wind before you know it.

So if you need it now is the time!

And since continuity/subscription always get preference you might want to consider that option. Another great option for savings is the deeply discounted case pricing.

I plan on pulling the trigger earlier than ever on the next batch since things are so up in the air. Remember though what we have has a 2 year shelf life so look ahead when you order.

Put a check next to this box before it’s too late and we go through this nonsense again.

Dr Dave

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